Mukta Top Altitude: 11,838 feet

Best months to do Mukta Top Trek:  January to May as well as September to December

Mukta Top Trek Duration:  6 days

Mukta Top Trekking Distance: 24 kilometers through forest and snow.

Mukta Top Trek level:  Moderate

Mukta Top Base Camp: Kaflon, Uttarakhand

Mukta Top Temperature: The temperature of the Mukta top trek varies, nights are cold but mornings will be pleasant. In winter’s temperature can vary up to -2°C to -5°C and in summer it can vary up to 8°C to 13°C. 

Among the popular Kedarkantha, Chopta Chandrashilla, and Brahmatal Treks from Uttarakand, we are pretty sure you must be unaware of the concealed Mukta Top. Mukta Top is an immaculate trek in Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarkashi locale at an elevation of 3,608 m. The extraordinary highlights of this trek make it an astounding winter trek. Forests here are entirely unexpected from the woods found in the Uttarakhand area, the assortment of trees you'll discover here are Maple, Pine, Oak, Bamboos, and Rhododendrons. The Bamboo woods are rarely seen on other treks in Uttarakhand, so it is amazing to discover them here on this trek.

For two days you will trek across the woods, the thick greenery will be your best friend, and strolling under the shade of trees will be an incredible joy. This trek is well off in Flora and Fauna and favorable to spot various assortments of flying creatures, this is an extraordinary spot for birding the greatest number of uncommon species can be handily observed here and it is home to various creatures. The knolls and timberland clearings have consistently been ideal for the outdoors, it is ecstasy to camp in the midst of the backwoods or in a glade, and "Mukta Top" is remembered for one of the spots which have the best clearings. Snow covers the glades in the colder time of year season, which makes the sight eye-satisfying and supporting. This is one reason that it makes an incredible winter trek and should be possible by novices as a result of the low altitude.

The knolls above backwoods offer perspective on some high pinnacles of Uttarakhand and the best thing about this winter trek is all-encompassing perspectives on mountains that are noticeable from the summit (3,608 m). This trek bestows the trekkers with phenomenal perspectives on Gangotri Peak (6577 m), Mt Kalanag (6387 m), Bandarpoonch 1 (6316 m) and 2 (6102 m), Draupadi Ka Danda 1 (5716 m), and Draupadi Ka Danda 2 (5670 m) and Mount Jaonli (6632 m) as well as Nag Tibba top (3022 m). Mukta Top is a "concealed jewel" in the Himalayas and not many individuals know about this trek as it was only discovered in 2018.

On account of the plenitude of foliage, you're probably going to spot numerous types of winged creatures in these woodlands. The Himalayan Monal, Russet sparrows, blue whistling thrushes, Himalayan bulbuls, lemon rumped songbirds, and more can be found here. If lucky, one can witness barking deer and black bears as well as barasingha (swamp deer) in the forests.

While it is phenomenal in summers managing the sumptuous verdure of the Mukta Top valley, it is likewise spellbinding in winters. In winter, the knolls over the woods are canvassed in snow. It's an amazing encounter for any adventurer. All the more so on the grounds that there are large mountains jumping out somewhere far off, plainly noticeable from these clearings. You see Mount Bandarpoonch nearly all through the trek.

An up trek, Mukta Top is ideal for beginner adventurers who want to wander on a way that not just offers magnificent perspectives on the encompassing vistas. This trek isn't exhausting which makes it the ideal experience especially when compared to other treks.  En route, the trek goes through the lovely campgrounds of Shiladuni, Chaithathar, Mukta Tal, and goes to Mukta Top at 11,838 feet prior to descending to Kuari. Now and again when well-known winter journeys like Kedarkantha and Brahmatal temperature now is 8°C & see a swarm of trekkers in winter, Mukta Top is a whiff of fresh air and much-needed refresher.



Day 1: Reach Kaflon (4,600 feet) from Dehradun.

Pick up at Dehradun Railway Station at 6:30 AM. Travel Time: 7-8 hours, 150 km. Stay will be in tents.

Day 2: Kaflon (4,600 feet) to Shiladuni (6782 feet).

Time took: 4 hours, 4 km. Steep climb finished by steady rising through woods.

Day 3: Shiladuni to Chaithathar (9600 feet)

Time took: 5-6 hours, 5km. Steep climb on a backwoods trail as you gain around 3000 ft.

Day 4: Chaithathar to Mukta Tal (10,800feet)

Time took: 4 hours, 4 km. Progressive climb all through the path

Day 5: Mukta Tal to Mukta Top (11,838ft) to Kuari (7,781 feet).

Time took: 6-7 hours, 9 km. Steep climb for the initial 3 hours followed by a steady drop.

Day 6: Kuari to Kaflon (4,600 feet)

Time took: 4 hours 6 km. Gradual descending. Drive back to Dehradun. Time took: 6-7 hours 155 km. Arrive at Dehradun by 6 PM.


Scintillating views of Mountain Ranges along the Mukta Top trek:

●        Bandarpoonch, Black Peak/Kalanag (6,387 meters), and Nag Tibba are evident on the trail to Mukta Top.

●        Panoramic views of Draupadi Ka Danda I/II, Gangotri III, Jaonli, Bandarpoonch I/II, Kalanag and Nag Tibba.  All these mountains ranges are glaringly up close from Mukta Top summit.


Water bodies we will come across during the Mukta Top Trek:

●        Bhagirathi River during the first and last day's drive.

●        Asi Ganga River during the first, second, and last day's drive.

●        Mukta Tal and Siyari Tal Alpine Lakes

5 Nights 6 Days Available on request
What we'll give/What we won't

What is included in the tour

What is included in the tour

  • Transport support from Dehradun to Dehradun: Starting from a pickup on Day 1 to drop on Day 6
  •  All vegetarian meals starting from dinner on day 1 breakfast to day 6
  •  Professional guide, cook and support staff
  •  Rent for camping equipment
  •  Forest entry charges
  •  Porter and mule support to carry camping equipment. 
  •  Please note that personal luggage can be carried by mules and/or porters on a chargeable basis.
  •  Tented accommodation throughout the trek on a triple sharing basis. Guesthouse accommodation on Day 1 and Day 5 on triple sharing basis (INR 2000 extra for twin sharing)

What is NOT included in the tour

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Transport to reach Dehradun from hometown and return
  •  Personal expenses like tips, personal medicines, phone calls, etc.
  •  Any transport support during the trek other than those specified in Inclusions
  •  Accommodation in Dehradun
  •  Porter/mule charges for personal luggage per bag per person (< 12 kg)- INR 300 per day                                 
  •  Any cost arising due to unforeseen events like bad weather, roadblocks, medical evacuation, etc.
  •  Rent for walking poles: INR 50 per pole per day
  •  Rent for trekking shoes: INR 200 per day.
Things to Carry
Things to Carry

Things to Carry

  • 1 Pair of Thermal
  • 3 Pair of Socks + 1 Pair of woollen socks
  • 2 Pair of Hand Gloves (Water Proof & Fleece material)
  • Sun Cap
  • Woollen Cap
  • Neck Warmer (Scarf/Buff)
  • 2 Quick Dry Full Sleeves (T-Shirt)
  • 1 Full sleeves Fleece
  • 1 Wind Proof Jacket (windcheater/Heavy Jacket)
  • 2 Track Pants (No Cotton or Jeans)
  • Sun Glass
  • Sun scream, Lip balm, Moisturizer
  • Torch
  • Trek Pole
  • Trekking Shoes (No Sports shoes or Woodland shoes)
  • Poncho ( The Gear used to protect from Rain)
  • Day pack (Small one)
  • Back Pack 60 Ltrs (+ Rain cover)
  • 2 Water Bottles
  • Toilet Paper & Wet Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Antibactial Powder
  • Tooth Brush
  • Quick Dry Towel

Medical Disclosures

  • Crocin (1Strip)
  • Disprine (1 Strip)
  • Lomotive (1 Strip)
  • Digene (1Strip)
  • Guaze
  • Dettol
  • Band Aid - Qty 5
  • Neusphorine Powder
  • Betadine Tube
  • Vomistop/Avomine (Motion Sickness Tablet)
Frequently Asked Questions

Day 1: Dehradun to Kaflon

Altitude: 4,600 feet

Time taken: Kaflon, the base camp for Mukta Top, can be reached in 7-8 hours from Dehradun. Transport will be organized from Dehradun Railway station at 6.30 am.

The drive takes you through dazzling backwoods extends and along the banks of the Bhagirathi River which later converts into the Ganga. The biggest town on the course is Uttarkashi. The basecamp is close to Asi Ganga River, an offshoot of Bhagirathi River.

Day 2: Kaflon to Shiladuni

●        Altitude: 4600 feet to 6782 feet.

●         Time taken: 4 hours, 4 kilometers

●        Trek gradient: Medium. Steep ascent followed by progressive ascent through forest.

●        Water sources: A watercourse 500 meters before the campground.

The Mukta Top Trek commences from Kaflon at 4600 feet. The initial part of the trek through the hamlet is a steady and easy ascending hike on a well-marked path. Trekkers will be able to catch a glimpse of the Asi Ganga River from distance while climbing upwards. In a while the trail starts to get steeper for about 1.5 kilometer. Now it is a forest trail that meanders through pine woods. No sooner than the steep climb concludes, a gradual rise for another 2.5 kilometer begins. This is the juncture where the forest embarks on, with Rhododendrons, Green Oak, Brown oak and some Maple trees. In the band of the diverse species of birds, we likewise get to spot the white throated laughing thrush which is bountiful here.

Afterwards, we stumble upon a stream that is only 500 meters prior to the campsite. The stream is our main source of water. After crossing the stream, we trek for 20 more minutes and then the landscape unwraps for the very first time and we arrive in a forest clearing. On one side there are some shepherd cabins and on the other side one can see snow-capped mountain tops. We set out to camp at this little clearing. This forest clearing is Shiladuni, a delightful campsite with multiple rivulets neighboring it.

Day 3: Shiladuni to Chaithathar

●        Altitude: 6782 feet to 9600 feet

●        Time taken: 5-6 hours, 5 kilometer

●        Trek gradient: Challenging. Steep ascent on a forest trail. We gain around 3000 feet.

●        Water sources: You can top off your water bottles from the stream along the path

After breakfast, we bid adieu to Shiladuni campsite and embark on our trek towards Chaithathar. Today’s trajectory is steep and to some extent difficult. A number of strides steps ahead, the forest inaugurates to lush foliage. We trek across the woodlands of Green Oaks and Maples for approximately 60 minutes. Shortly, after we leave behind the forest, we have to cross a petite brook with the help of timber logs and steppingstones. After topping off our bottles here, we trek for 45 minutes and arrive at Kuari; the midpoint of today’s trek (also our campsite while descending). Kuari (7,781 feet) to Chaithathar campsite is 3 kilometer and takes 3 hours

From Kuari, the trek is steep and quite challenging. A sharp climb through a rock-strewn patch for an hour will take you to a view point from where you can get marveling perspectives on the entire valley.  You can also spot your previous campsites from here. Starting here the rising is steady as you climb through bamboo forests that are not normally found in other treks of Uttarakhand. In due time you arrive at Chaithathar which is a wonderful campground directly in the middle of the forest. When you arrive, you notice a shepherd's cottage directly close to a gurgling stream. These cabins are seasonally occupied only in the summers. One can indulge in bird watching here. This campsite is notable for the Himalayan Monal, which is the state bird of Uttarakhand. We rest and camp here for the night.

Day 4: Chaithathar to Mukta Tal

●        Altitude: 9600 feet to 10,800 feet

●        Time taken: 4 hours, 4 kilometer

●        Trek gradient: Moderate. Gradual ascent.

●        Water sources: Not available. Carry 2 liters of water.

The forest trail from Chaithathar to Mukta Tal is a progressive climb. We stroll on the trail which is well-defined and it will lead us to a little clearing within a few hours, which will be enveloped in snow during winter season. Towards your right you’re greeted by the paramount glimpse of Mt. Bandarpoonch, Kalanag and on the left side by Nag Tibba.

We will continue strolling on an upward path for a few minutes from where we can see a little slope with patches of birch and earthy colored oak trees. We will go through the base of the slope and trek through undulating meadows for an hour to arrive at Mukta Tal. The tal is small and the only water source available. This is the exact spot which offers up close perspectives on the mighty Bandarpooch. What's more, this is the place where we will set our camp for the day.

Day 5: Mukta Tal to Mukta Top to Kuari.

●        Altitude: 10,800ft to 11,838ft and then descend to 7,781 feet

●        Time taken: 6-7 hours, 9 kilometer

●        Trek gradient: Moderate. Steep climb followed by steady descent.

●        Water sources: Available at Mukta Tal and Chaithathar.

The D day has arrived. Today we climb up to Mukta Top. The trail to Mukta top passes the meadows over the Tal. We will trace the well-paved ascending trail which moves up all the way to Mukta top. While hiking up the meadows the trail offers majestic views of Bandarpoonch and Kala Nag ranges. You can reach the summit in 6 to 7 hours. There is a Tal which is named “Siyari Tal” and the summit views are prodigious.

From the top, you get a 360 degree outlook of peaks like Draupadi Ka Danda I/II, Gangotri III, Jaonli, Bandarpoonch I/II, Kalanag and Nag Tibba. We spend some time there having a glance at every peak and then retrace our steps to Kuari which was the mid-point of our trek on Day 3. Kuari is our campsite for today and the water source is the stream, there are multiple streams around Kuari.

Day 6: Kuari to Kaflon. Drive back to Dehradun

●        Altitude: 7,781 feet to 4,600 feet

●        Time taken: Trekking for 6 kilometers as long as 4 hours, Drive of 6 hours covering 155 kilometers

●        Trek gradient: Easy. Gradual descending trail and flat walking.

●        Water sources: You can top off your bottles from the streams along the trail

It would take around 4 hours to arrive at Kaflon on a similar very much characterized course through backwoods. Fledgling watchers can have a good time spotting a lot of Himalayan winged animals close to Shiladuni. This campground is likewise known to have vertebrates like Black Bear, Leopards, Barking Deer and Swamp Deer (Barasingha). Close to Kaflon, you see the Asi Ganga River which was a host to the Asi Ganga powerhouse that got closed because of gigantic floods in 2012. When you arrive at Kaflon, we take the street transport to Dehradun. We will arrive at Dehradun around 6 pm at night.

5 to 7 Days