Winter Camping offers harmony, and a peaceful atmosphere, especially when it comes to winter camping near Mumbai – it’s a much-needed-break from chaotic routines and work targets. Believe it or not but camping near Mumbai gives you an implausible opportunity to revive in an awe-inspiring and peaceful atmosphere. Here, stargazing is one more attraction, and if you are fortunate enough, then you can notice shooting starts as well. 

As many people prefer choosing to stick with their bed during the winters and wrapped in blankets, you can explore the world outside with less tourist traffic on campsites near Mumbai. Indeed, it’s all about the serene experience that you have, and less noise will give you time to be pleased with the more beautiful aspects of nature. So, take a quick look at these campsites near Mumbai for budget-friendly winter camping:


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Popular Winter Camping Near Mumbai

Camping Near Mumbai

Pawna Lake

The cold months are upon us, and there is nothing better than a good old-fashioned camping holiday. It can be a fun and exciting way to spend some time outdoors with family and friends during the short, cold months. Here are some of the reasons why you should spend your Winter getting away, camping in the outdoors.

Winter Camping near Mumbai is a fun activity enjoyed by people of all ages. Individuals and groups do this activity both. However, for those who want to enjoy winter camping, certain things should be taken into consideration. 

Camping in Winter is the best, comfortable and convenient way to enjoy a getaway or outdoor experience. There are many things to consider when going camping. It is wise to choose the best location convenient to all facilities, choose activities, have the best campsites, enjoy amazing food and make sure that your campsite is safe and sanitized. This blog will explore all these points.


Bhandardara Winter Camping

Bhandardara Camping

Placed nearly 2471 feet above the sea level, Bhandardara facilitates you with an ideal weekend for camping under the dazzling sky and twinkling stars, next to the lake. Two hours away from Navi Mumbai, this beautiful village is worth visiting with friends and family.


Kolad Winter Camping

Kolad is another campsite situated on the Mumbai-Goa Highway. Deciding on this adventurous spot can be your best bet as while being here you can also go rafting as well as kayaking! And for this, a big thanks goes to the river Kundalika. Also, this camp is a perfect escape to a natural sensation and will help you recharge yourself in the lap of nature.


Shrivardhan Beach Camping

Shrivardhan Beach Camping

This relaxed fishermen village on the Konkan coast offers some fantastic kinds of seafood for Campers. Located at a distance of 187 km from Mumbai or 5 hours drive from Mumbai. Shrivardhan Beach Camping perfect for Winter Glamping near Mumbai. Camp next to the seashore, under the beautiful night sky filled with stars. Fish thali consists of the fresh local catch, enjoy the bonfire. Morning you can enroll for adventure activities available near the campsite. 

So, it is safe to say that winter camping near Mumbai is an innovative adventure activity taken with family and friends. Not only does it give you a new, exceptional experience to appreciate but also draws you out to your absolute power.


Igatpuri Winter Camping

Marutiwadi Camping

Famous for the divine serenity that it brings to its visitors, Igatpuri is a striking hill station situated in the Western Ghats at a distance of about 121kms from Mumbai. Deciding on this adventurous spot can be your best bet as while being here, you can also enjoy stargazing at night! Also, this camp is a perfect escape to a natural sensation and will help you recharge yourself in the lap of nature. 


Pawna Lake Camping 

Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake Maharashtra is one of the best locations near Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Pune, and Thane that are perfect for camping. Here we set up campsites right on the lake itself to provide you with great living accommodations if you're planning to make a weekend getaway or corporate trip out of it. Treks and trails Pawna, lake camping reviews are just some of our many testimonials that are sure to provide you with plenty of information before taking your next trip. So contact us now! 





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