Parents often call us to discover how to start their kids toward trekking and camping. Trekkers who are parents understand kids learn better in the outdoors and are keen to take their kids on adventure trips.

We have listed below a few events which are ideal for kids. Kids have a lot of energy but in small bursts. They will tire quickly and cannot sustain long demanding treks. Physiologically kids grow quickly they are getting stronger and developing muscles, endurance, strength, fine movements. Parents or Guardian are must on treks where kids are involved it keeps them motivated. 

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How to introduce kids to Trekking

Kids Tiredness and Loss of interest?

Avoid signing up kids for long treks as kids will get tired and lose interest, parents will have trouble controlling them. 

Carry medicines and Water?

Please keep yourself and your children hydrated on treks and camping, make sure you carry basic medicine for kids, also medicated food products if required please carry them as trekking places are offbeat and don't have proper provision. 


Snacks and Food?

In case you have a special request for food please inform trek leader 2 days in advance so that arrangement can be made. Don't assume your food requirement can be met on the spot. 


Trek equipment and shoes?

Please buy proper trekking shoes and clothes, children are happy wearing jackets, shoes, caps. Playing in the rain and not getting wet and staying warm will help them retain energy longer. 



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