Paragliding is an adventure activity that can take your breath away. The feeling of being so high up in the air, with no ropes or harnesses, and nothing to hold on to as you soar through the sky is exhilarating. It's a little scary too, but it's worth every second of fear when you finally take off from the mountain top and feel yourself glide over the valleys below!

The next time you're looking for a thrill, try paragliding!

Have you ever wanted to fly?

The feeling of flying is something that many people dream about. It's a sensation that can't be described in words, but it's one that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Paragliding is an amazing experience and we want to show you how incredible it can be.

You'll have the opportunity to soar through the sky like a bird and see things from new perspectives as you glide over hills and valleys. We're here to help make this happen! All you need is some courage, a little bit of money, and we'll take care of everything else!

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Paragliding Reviews and FAQ

Paragliding Reviews

Pradeep says " I was scared of heights and I had never been paragliding before, but my childhood friend invited me to go with her. We got up early in the morning for a day full of adventure, waiting on a windy hillside for the perfect day. The air felt crisp and fresh as we waited near the edge of our eyes scanning intensely for any signs that would mean it was time.

As soon as we saw an opening, we made our way across the finish line and took off into flight. We were so high up that all I could see below us were clouds in different shapes from what I had seen when looking down at them before it felt like they were moving right under us! 

I was feeling free and alive again. The sun reflected off of everything around me the water from the lakes that lined Route, along with every leaf on trees covered in frosty dew drops. It felt like a whole new world today. "


Kashmira says " The day I was going to paraglide for the first time, it was beautiful outside. I had no idea what to expect, and a little part of me just wanted to cancel because what if something went wrong? What if the weather turned bad and they couldn't take off? It's not like you can just call them up again. But my excitement outweighed my fear, so after getting fitted with a harness and helmet which were surprisingly comfortable, we started walking out onto this huge empty brownfield. You could see for miles in every direction. The wind whipped past us fast enough that it would lift us. Then my instructor gave me the details and I grabbed all the information it was well-designed instructions and informative. Then the moment came as we ran towards the edge and we took off the next fifteen minutes we out of this world. I would recommend all to try paragliding once in their life. " 


Why you should do Paragliding?

  1. It's a super fun way to see the world from up high 
  2. You'll get a great workout and need to be in good shape 
  3. The views are amazing, especially when you're flying over water or mountains 
  4. You'll feel like Superman/Wonder Woman as you fly past trees and buildings
  5. It's not just for adrenaline junkies 
  6. You'll get a bird's eye view of the world 
  7. It's one of the most exhilarating things you can do on Earth 
  8. The view from the sky is incredible, especially when it's sunset.


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Is Paragliding safe? How to check Paragliding safety Measures? 

Many people have a misconception about paragliding. They think that it is too dangerous and will never want to try it out. Treks and Trails aim to dispel those myths and provide insight into what they can expect if they decide to give this sport a try.

Paragliding is a sport that has been gaining popularity in the last decade. It's not just for adrenaline junkies, though! Have you ever wanted to experience what it feels like to soar over the world? Paragliders are expertly trained professionals who can teach you how to take flight and glide through the air.

We will explore how safe paragliding can be safe and dispel some of the common myths around this sport.

  • Help is always available if you need it with experienced instructors and pilots.
  • Paragliders use high-quality equipment for a smooth ride
  • Check company's experience and reputation before booking with us 
  • Our pilots and team constantly read weather conditions and find a good day for flying
  • Learn about equipment, so you know what will fly well in different weather
  • Understand launching techniques and learn how to land without issue 
  • Stay safe with using high-quality equipment that has been proven reliable
  • Understand launching and landing techniques
  • Learn about various climate conditions
  • One of the safest types of air sports when done with quality equipment and under good conditions