India is an abode to glorious mountain ranges, which open the doors for several adventure activities. Among these are the prominent Western Ghats mountain ranges that embrace the hill station of Kamshet. Kamshet is a rich and pleasant hill station decorated with the charm of valleys and colossal mountains. Kamshet is also known as one of the best adventurous sports in our country and is famous for paragliding activities.

Situated at around 2200 feet above sea level, the terrain of Kamshet is endowed with a pleasant climate, luscious green cover, tranquil lakes, and undulating hilly landscape that sets the tone just about perfect for paragliding. An enormous arrival of thrill explorers visits Kamshet consistently to indulge in paragliding here and dominate the lucid blue skies. Indeed, if you also are an adventure seeker or somebody who wants to fly, then you should visit the paragliding heaven of Maharashtra that is Kamshet.


Para Para… Paraglide

Paragliding is an adventure sport that comprises flying paragliders which are lightweight, free-floating, wherein you take off by running. Once the paraglider is dispatched into the air, you feel the adrenaline flood and surge of flying. The pilots take off from a flying site arranged at a high elevation and land on a simple arrival site. A two-seater plane will take you high in the air, all around from where you can begin your paragliding flight with an expert paragliding pilot.


Paragliding in Kamshet is a delightful and courageous experience and is one of the extraordinary getaways close to Mumbai and Pune. Kamshet is one of the significant paragliding destinations in India because of its unique landscapes and suitable landing and take-off spot. Paragliding in Kamshet will allow you to take off over beautiful mountains, old-world wooden houses, spectacular valleys, the Indrayani river, and the radiant Pavna Lake.


Instructional Tandem Ride

Everyone is aware of the Joy Ride wherein you go in tandem with a certified pilot, and the pilot controls the paraglider for you while you lay back and have all the fun of flying in the sky like a free bird. If you have already experienced the Joy Ride and want to learn to fly all by yourself to become a solo pilot, then it's time to level up and sign up for this Instructional Tandem Ride. There's a motive behind why you see such countless individuals smiling widely and exchanges high-fives after landing after a flight; it's a high like no other. If you want to take the next step and keep the adrenaline pumping, the Instructional Tandem Ride by Treks and Trails is the ideal alternative for you.

This Instructional Tandem Ride is a stepping stone in your journey to become a solo pilot. It is specially designed for people who wish to handle the glider themselves. It is a two-seater flight which will be accompanied by an instructor. The pilot will guide you about operating the controls and how to take charge of the glider. You will be given controls to experience how it is to fly all by yourself, but with the instructor's safety flying with you. You get a chance to learn a trick or two from our seasoned instructors.

Brace yourself for this adrenaline-thumping ride where you, yes, take control of the glider, and the pilot is just there to assist you. Can you feel your heart sprinting already? Because I can.


20 Minutes Available on request