From various things to do in Pune, there is one activity specially designed keeping you and your special one in mind. Why go to a cliché restaurant for a date when you can take your partner to experience a wedge of paradise on a romantic camping getaway, tucked away from the crowded city. Get ready for a dreamy weekend with your bae, which involves getting cozy in a tent, stargazing under a blanket of gazillion stars, dancing to live music, twin seat boating, walking around a secluded lake, lit up with the glowing moonlight with the backdrop of a surreal landscape. This is precisely everything that a couple wants from a gooey-mushy escape.

Every now and then it is essential to steal some moments from the routine and go on a romantic getaway with your partner. The taxing city life can have dire consequences on your romantic relationships, so surprise your partner by spending quality time with them, away from the city where the breeze is lingering with a fragrance of romance. couple camping near Pune is a perfect escape to celebrate your relationship and your beloved to get a fresh lease of love, laughter, and life. It offers a fusion of surreal surroundings, supreme privacy, and unmatched comfort.