With numerous national parks, creeks, bird sanctuaries, and gardens, Mumbai is an excellent bird-watching place. Several parks in the city offer an excellent ambiance for bird watching. Bird watching is a beautiful pastime, especially with kids. They would love to learn about different species of birds. Mumbai has many bird watchers, and you can always take our bird-watching trip in Mumbai.

Have you ever walked the streets of Mumbai and seen a species of bird that you had never seen before? If you're a birdwatcher, then this is something that will excite you. Every year, Mumbai is home to many species of birds, many of which migrate here to make it their home for a little while. With winter here and summer almost at its peak, you can bet birds will be flocking the skies of Mumbai soon.

Bird-watching for beginners in Mumbai

Bird-watching for beginners in Mumbai is a resourceful way to make the most of Mumbai's diverse wildlife. Bird watching can be a fun and relaxing hobby, with plenty of scope for families to learn about the natural world together. Join our events to learn about where to find birds in Mumbai, where to buy binoculars, and how to take great bird photographs.

Mumbai is home to many bird species, owing to the abundance of mangroves, national parks, sanctuaries, creeks and salt pans. Join our weekend bird walks to learn about bird watching, bird photography. Ideal naturalist activities for kids.


Bird watching at Tungareshwar National Park

Bird Watching in India is a growing hobby. Mumbai is a hotbed for bird watchers. There are many organizations and individuals conducting birding workshops and bird-watching walks. In the bird watching at Tungareshwar National Park, we will cover the basics of bird watching and birding. We will also provide information on how to go bird watching. We will also cover how you can use your camera to photograph birds.
Mumbai, India, is an excellent place for birding. There are around 200 species of birds that can be found in Mumbai. 

Bird Watching Mumbai is a hobby that just about anyone can get into. It's an excellent way to relax, increase your creativity, increase your confidence and expand your IQ. If you can see it, you can identify it. Birds are everywhere. You have to know how to look.


Flamingo boat safari Airoli creek

Mumbai is a city for birds to visit. From the common ones to rare migratory ones. We have been bird-watching in Mumbai for the past ten years. We want to share our bird-watching experiences with you. Flamingo boat safari Airoli creek will cover almost everything related to bird watching in Mumbai. From birds common in the city to the rare migratory ones. We will also guide you on how to bird-watch in Mumbai with or without binoculars. What to look for when birding in the city and what species to look out for.


Bird watching in Matheran

Bird watching in Matheran is a fun activity. Matheran is located in the Western Ghats, which is an ideal habitat for varieties of birds. There are several bird species in this area, including rare species. Bird watching in Matheran has many benefits. It is not just an activity that can be done for leisure, and it also teaches us to observe things that are happening around us. This bird-watching activity is about how one can observe birds in their backyard.