Why do we always have to choose between the mountains and beaches?

And why do people have the preconceived notion of mountains as challenging and beaches to laze and relax? The newest craze is beach trekking which proffers the best of both worlds. Thus change your hiking expedition from the mountains to the shore and traverse these unique destinations. Have a glimpse at the fascinating beaches of the country.


Why join beach trekking in India?

The coastline is dotted with beautiful beaches, and the trekking trails wind through the dunes and palms. The scenery is stunning, and the experience is truly unique.

A beach hike is like a journey through paradise. The sun, sand, and surf combine to create a truly magical experience. Beach trekking feels like walking on a giant sandbox. You never know what you'll find hidden beneath the surface, and every step is an adventure.

Finding a beach trek in India is like walking on a giant puzzle. With so many pieces to put together, it can be challenging to know where to start.We have curated some of the most famous treks in India. 

Why you should go on a beach trek

Top five Beach Hikes in India

1. Arambol Beach Trek

Are you looking for pristine Beaches in Goa, Foodie trails, Deserted beaches, and Nature trails? Experience the culture of the hippie community on the Arambol beach trek. Be mesmerized by the mesmerizing beauty of the beach. 

Explore the most famous hippie beach in Goa. There is a small trek into the jungle, fantastic restaurants along the hiking route, inviting shacks, and a blue water beach. Expeditions from Arambol are a combination of both, a day of beaches and a day of trekking. Explore this magical beach destination


2. The Neuti Beach Trek

The best way to get to know a place is to get up close. And that's precisely what Neuti Trails offers. Get a memorable experience of Nature and culture with a trekking guide who guarantees a fun time. Relish great local food, a safe environment, and a culture of peace and love. Experience nature, culture, and fun!


3. Korlai Fort to Kashid Beach Trek

Want to simplify your life while travelling to one of the most beautiful beaches in Maharashtra? Experience some of the best of what Alibaug offers while staying at the most beautiful beach in the region. This experience will allow you to spend less money while enjoying a fantastic beach vacation. Please chat with us here to learn more.


4. Kumta Gokarna Beach Trek

Kumta Gokarna Beach Trek is a hot tourist destination for backpackers from all over India. Offering a variety of Nature and wildlife to explore, exciting nightlife, and a taste of Indian culture, Beach Trekking in India is a must for every traveller. 

Beach treks in Karnataka are more than fascinating. There are a lot of things to do and to see. Explore Gokarna Beaches, Hiking in Karnataka with this fantastic Kumta Gokarna Beach Trek. Please chat with us to get your exclusive Beach treks options in the India package.


5. Gokarna Trek and Camping from Bangalore

A new and fantastic way of seeing the beach of Gokarna, Kudle; a trek towards the jungle and a fabulous place to visit; water is blue, and the beach is clean, any season is good for the hike, it is not far from the main road, children and elderly can also come, shacks and cottages available.

You can play on a new beach, go to shacks, and enjoy on the beach, which is good for the first-timer. Gokarna is the new name on the shores of Karnataka and is an excellent and clean beach and a good experience; it is very famous for yoga sessions and wellness. Please chat with us for more details. 


6. Kelshi Beach to Ladghar Beack Trek near Dapoli

Experience a local Maharashtrian beach in a completely different way. Admire the views, the fantastic food, and the homestays. Hike in a tranquil environment, save money on accommodation and avoid tourists. Experience a hidden paradise in Maharashtra. Please chat with us today. 


Types of Beach Hikes 

Trekking or hiking on the beach isn't always comfortable, and at times it's even challenging. Nonetheless, it is a favourite activity of thousands and thousands of individuals around the globe! There are a lot of excellent reasons to go trekking, let us examine a few of them.

1. Nature Trekking

Being in the outdoors and experiencing the crazy character, far apart from human-made culture, is for most people the primary reason for hiking. You will experience incredible landscapes which you would otherwise only read about in magazines. The first-hand encounter is so abundant that it can not even be compared to seeing snapshots of locations. Being there, Nature will introduce to you in all of its awe and grandeur. It's an adventure of life. Trekking could be addictive!

2. Culture Trekking

Trekking is an excellent way to observe cultures which you don't meet in your daily life. Trekking to exotic areas, like the Goa, Andaman Island or other areas, is a guaranteed way to encounter new cultures and new methods of living. And why do you need to satisfy new cultures? The planet is a reasonably large and magnificent location, and everybody differs. It may be an enriching life experience to determine how other men and women live, speak with strangers and possibly even get involved in their patterns or festivities for a brief while.

3. Social Trekking

Trekking is frequently an entirely societal action. Rather than high-paced sports, you've got sufficient time to speak to people when you're trekking. Notably around campsites or hiking lodges, you've got enough time to sit, relax and chap with all the other individuals there. It is also possible to pre-arrange meet-ups and organize joint trekking experiences with men and women that you do not understand. Trekking is an excellent way to construct new friendships, also, to make older bonds stronger.

4. Health Trekking
Beach Trekking is a physical exercise that is more about will than strength. Often a beach trek will last many days. The gradual but constant pace of beach trekking is an excellent form of exercise and to get your body in good shape.

5. Spiritual Trekking

Trekking may also be a religious experience. In a spiritual, super-natural manner, generally, though some civilizations in the Western Sahyadris proceed on spiritual pilgrimages to sacred"power places" from the Sahyadris. However, for regular beach trekkers, religious trekking is entirely in the meaning that you get to feel great about yourself. You overlook everyday stresses, you focus your mind about the easy task of walking, you've got sufficient time to set your mind at peace and possibly into a meditative mood, and you get a better understanding of who you are, and what's essential in life!