If there is one place where every beach lover has always dreamt of going to, it can be none other than Goa. The serene beaches of Goa pull young and old from all corners of the world. Goa offers both tranquility and adventurism to its visitors. Beach Trekking is a recent trend that is getting all the attention apart from Goa’s famed beaches. This kind of trekking is a little different from the usual treks. The trail discovers many secluded beaches along the way. The participants cross lush green forest patches and hillocks. People love soaking the sun, enjoying the cool breeze, and capturing the mesmerizing view of the Arabian Sea.


The Neuti Beach Trek


The trek to the secluded Nueti beach is a memorable adventure. The trek is not exasperating but fairly easy. Beach trekking here is more about discovering new beaches along the trail. The rich flora keeps you engaged with splendid views. The sounds of birds and peacocks will peacefully resonate in your ears for a long time. 

The trek can be completed in about 4-5 hours. At the end of the trail, you find a virgin Neuti beach. The feel of the clean sand and clear water can be very rejuvenating. The unexplored beach is also home to Neuti Fort that holds a rich history. The Fort was built by the Great Shivaji Maharaj from Maratha Empire. Once you are done with all the beach fun you can take your friends up the hill to the Neuti Fort. The top of the fort proffers an unrivaled view to your eyes. 


Beach trekking gives you an opportunity to exhume a different perspective of life in Goa. It pushes the body out of its comfort zone. You feel closer to nature. The joy of trekking together with friends, caring and sharing with each other is truly invaluable. It is highly recommended to keep a day or two in reserve for beach trekking on your next trip to Goa. 


1 Day Available on request