Why do we always have to choose between the mountains and beaches? And why people have the preconceived notion of mountains as challenging and beaches to laze and relax? The newest craze is beach trekking which proffers the best of both worlds. Thus change your hiking expedition from the mountains to the shore and traverse these unique destinations.

Have a glimpse at fascinating beaches of the country.

Why you should go on a beach trek

Trekking or hiking on the beach isn't always comfortable, and at times it's even challenging. Nonetheless, it is a favourite activity of thousands and thousands of individuals around the globe! There are a lot of excellent reasons to go trekking, let us examine a few of them.

1. Nature Trekking

Being in the outdoors and experiencing the crazy character, far apart from human-made culture, is for most people the primary reason for hiking. You will experience incredible landscapes which you would otherwise only read about in magazines. The first-hand encounter is so abundant that it can not even be compared to seeing snapshots of locations. Being there, Nature will introduce to you in all of its awe and grandeur. It's an adventure of life. Trekking could be addictive!

2. Culture Trekking

Trekking is an excellent way to observe cultures which you don't meet in your daily life. Trekking to exotic areas, like the Goa, Andaman Island or other areas, is a guaranteed way to encounter new cultures and new methods of living. And why do you need to satisfy new cultures? The planet is a reasonably large and magnificent location, and everybody differs. It may be an enriching life experience to determine how other men and women live, speak with strangers and possibly even get involved in their patterns or festivities for a brief while.

3. Social Trekking

Trekking is frequently an entirely societal action. Rather than high-paced sports, you've got sufficient time to speak to people when you're trekking. Notably around campsites or hiking lodges, you've got enough time to sit, relax and chap with all the other individuals there. It is also possible to pre-arrange meet-ups and organize joint trekking experiences with men and women that you do not understand. Trekking is an excellent way to construct new friendships, also, to make older bonds stronger.

4. Health Trekking
Beach Trekking is a physical exercise that is more about will than strength. Often a beach trek will last many days. The gradual but constant pace of beach trekking is an excellent form of exercise and to get your body in good shape.

5. Spiritual Trekking

Trekking may also be a religious experience. In a spiritual, super-natural manner, generally, though some civilizations in the Western Sahyadris proceed on spiritual pilgrimages to sacred"power places" from the Sahyadris. However, for regular beach trekkers, religious trekking is entirely in the meaning that you get to feel great about yourself. You overlook everyday stresses, you focus your mind about the easy task of walking, you've got sufficient time to set your mind at peace and possibly into a meditative mood, and you get a better understanding of who you are, and what's essential in life!