The city of Bangalore blessed with spectacular mountains and lakes that have shaped this region one of those sought-after destinations for the adventure freaks seeking hiking trails. The town of Bangalore has plenty of the great hiking trails in and about it, and the beautiful weather increases the charm of hiking expedition in this area. Here's the listing of hiking areas near Bangalore, which excites the hiking enthusiasts.

Places near bangalore for trekking

1. Kunti Betta Trek

Kunti Betta Trek among the most popular hiking areas, nearby Bangalore is Kunti Betta trek using a span of 5 kilometers, situated at a distance of 123 kilometers from Bangalore at a city and located at a township called Pandavapura. This trek provides for stones, grasslands, boulders, and also a different sort of terrain inside the trail even every hiker engaged throughout his journey. Together with 950 meters of altitude above sea level, this trek thought of an easy path, and you can see the beautiful Thonnur Lake from the summit. 

2. Savandurga Night Trek

Savandurga Night trek provides a sublime and serene feeling to the tourists. This mountain is also renowned as the most magnificent Monoliths from the Asian continent. The entire duration of this trek is almost four kilometers and provides camping pleasure into the trekkers. A word of warning here would be to avoid hiking here through rains—the trek located 60 kilometers from Bangalore. Savandurga peak situated at the altitude of 1226 meters above the sea level. 

3. Anthargange Trek

This one day trek, which is 68 kilometers aside from the capital town Bangalore is renowned among the tourists due to its hillocks. Anthargange hills formed from a volcanic eruption. Anthargange trek is famous for experience loaded pursuits like hiking and rappelling. With an altitude of 1226 meters above sea level. You can enjoy beautiful Sunrise and a great view of Kolar Town from the summit. Caves exploration is a popular activity during the Anthargange Sunrise trek. The total trekking distance is six kilometers it will take one hour to reach the peak and two hours to explore the Anthargange Trek and Cave exploration. 

4. Skandagiri Trek

Skandagiri peak located at the altitude of 1350 meters above sea level. Popular among trekkers attraction of the landscape will be the signature for Skandagiri trek, found at a distance of almost 70 kilometers from the tech city Bangalore. The exquisite Nandi Hills may likewise BBBbe seen from this trek. This trek is appropriate to both the amateurs in addition to expert trekkers. This beautiful and interesting trek covers a whole length of approximately 8 kilometers: the Dense growing woodlands and a lovely climate escort in this trek.  The best time to visit the Skandagiri Hill is from November and February.

5. Ramanagaram Trek

Ramanagaram trek is well-known for its incredible topography, including rocks in addition to boulders. The slopes of the trek are rather steep. Therefore it might pose difficulty for people that are hiking for the very first time.  Ramanagaram Trek found at the distance of 50 kilometers from Bangalore. The Ramanagaram trek is famous for experience activities such as abseiling or rappelling, traversing using ropes, and jumaring.  Total trekking distance is around seven kilometers this trek avoided during the rainy season as the exposure and steepness of the slopes can be lethal.