Safe Monsoon Treks in Maharashtra

Safe Monsoon Treks in Maharashtra

Want to experience the safest Maharashtra Treks in the rainy season?

The Monsoon is here! The rainy season in Maharashtra is one of the most beautiful times to visit the mountains and forts. It's a time for lush green fields, rice paddies and foggy mornings. You can't wait to explore the beautiful countryside during this magical time of year. We have compiled our list of the safest monsoon treks in Maharashtra. So you'll get to experience all the best parts of Maharashtra on the safest trekking routes with your friends and families.


You will be able to see some of the most beautiful landscapes in Maharashtra when it rains. The rain brings out the greenest fields and makes everything look fresh and new again. It's also one of those times when people are friendlier because they know how lucky they are not to be stuck inside! So if you want to experience what life is like trekking in the monsoon season in Maharashtra, please read our blog.

1. Korigad Fort Trek

Looking for a safe trek near Mumbai in the rainy season?

Korigad Fort Trek is one of the shortest, easiest treks. It's perfect for beginners and offers stunning views of Aamby Valley city along with Tung Fort, Ghangad Fort, Tailbaila Fort, and Tikona fort. The trek starts from Peth Shahpur, which makes it easy to get there by bus or car. You'll be surrounded by beautiful weather, green fields, rice fields, and pleasant weather all day long!

Korigad Fort Trekking

If you're looking for an adventurous trip that will make your friends jealous on social media, this is the right choice! The trekking route is wide, well-marked, with banners and boards giving information on the fort. Even on a crowded day, it is a safe trek near Lonavala. Avoid swimming in the lake on the plateau of the Korigad fort and taking risky selfies near the bastions for your safety.

2. Rajmachi Fort Trek

Rajmachi Fort Trek is the perfect way to spend your day. The trek takes about 3 hours from Fanasrai Village, Lonavala and offers stunning views of the Khandala, Dukes Nose, Dhak Bahiri, Shirota Lake. It's an easy trek that beginners can do. Moreover, you'll get to experience the beautiful Kataldhar waterfall in the monsoon season!


The trek from Lonavala to Lonavala is very safe; the trek route is very wide, well-marked, with many locals available who can guide you. In addition, there are bridges constructed over river crossing, so even if it rains, there is no issue. It is best to stay overnight in the village to explore the forts without a hurry.

3. Asherigad Fort Trek

Asherigad Fort Trek is the perfect trek for beginners. The views are stunning, and it's easy to navigate, so you can focus on enjoying your time outdoors instead of worrying about getting lost. It's also one of the most beautiful treks in Maharashtra! An offbeat trek visited by not so many trekkers on the weekend.

Asherigad Fort Trek

You won't regret visiting this ancient fort. We promise you will have an amazing time exploring these incredible landscapes! And don't forget to bring your camera because there's plenty of photo ops along the way!

4. Karnala Fort Trek

You can see songbirds like the paradise flycatcher, magpie robin, and the Malabar whistling thrush during the monsoons. The weather will be pleasant and cool during your hike. It's also an easy trek, so you don't need any experience or equipment. Just bring your camera and enjoy nature at its finest!


It is a wonderful trek of 2 hours from the bottom of the hill. Once you enter the Karnala bird sanctuary, there are essentially two routes that wind through the forest and lead to the trail up the mountain. The main route is a well-defined trail and goes straight through the center of the woods. The alternate way is a crude track that encircles the sanctuary before rejoining the main course. The final climbing steps near the entrance of the fort are made safe by iron railings.

5. Kavnai Fort Trek

Do you know what the best thing about Kavnai Fort Trek is? The weather. It's always pleasant, and you never have to worry about rain ruining your day. You don't get too much fog either, so that you can see some of the most beautiful views in Maharashtra without any obstruction. And because it's a relatively easy trek, it's perfect for beginners and one of the safest treks in Maharashtra!


If you're looking for an incredible experience that'll make your gram feed look amazing, this is it! There's no better place to go with stunning landscapes and great weather during the rainy season than Kavnai Fort Trek. A small ladder has been installed, which makes it safer to reach the Fort entrance. Avoid swimming in the water tanks. There is a small pond on top of the fort. Avoid taking selfies near the edge of the mountain.

6. Kalsubai Trek during monsoon season

Kalsubai Trek is the best way to explore nature. You'll be able to see beautiful landscapes, lush green fields, and rice fields. It's perfect for beginners because it's an easy trek with stunning views of Bhandardara, Wilson Dam, Alang Madan Kulang. Also, the small ladder on the mountain makes the climb safer!


You might find crowds on the weekend though the trek route is wide enough to accommodate most of them. However, be careful on the summit. It will have strong winds, rains, sometimes whiteouts due to thick fog. Joining a trekking group for this trek is ideal as their experienced guide will help you throughout the Kalsubia trek.

7. Lohagad Fort Trek

Lohagad Trek is the best way to explore the beauty of the Lonavala region. Ideally, visit the fort on a weekday. The trekking route is well marked. Lohagad Fort is in good condition. You can choose this easy Monsoon trek to Lohagad fort and Visapur Fort Trek for the same day. The trekking routes are safe, with small dhabas available in different parts of the fort.


Lohagad fort offers excellent views of Pawna Dam experience nature's beauty in its true form! So get your friends together and go on an adventure you won't forget anytime soon! On weekends there will be a huge crowd on the Lohagad Fort due to its easy accessibility and safe climb.

8. Andharban Jungle Trek

We are all aware that the monsoon season is a magical time in Maharashtra. The dense, humid jungle becomes alive with the sounds of animals and birds as the forest floor transforms into a carpet of leaves. It's truly an amazing experience to witness Mother Nature during this period! One of my favourite hikes during this time is Andharban Forest Trek because it includes many natural waterfalls and can see some incredible views from atop the hills. I have been on this trek numerous times, and each visit has been just as exciting as the last!


Andharban Forest Trek is safe as the trail is wide. It is well-marked throughout the route. However, you should check the weather forecast before attempting the trek. On a normal rainy day, it will be fun to play in the numerous streams, waterfall. However, if it rains very heavily, you should avoid this trek as the waterfalls and streams will become difficult to cross. So checking the weather and whether it turns bad before or during the trek waiting it out, or backing out is the best option on the Andharban trek. If you are still confused, joining a professional self-operated trekking company is the best option.

9. Visapur Fort Trek

There are many fort treks in Maharashtra. But the Andharban Forest is one of the most popular and famous trekking destinations for tourists who want to explore a dense jungle, waterfalls, fast winds, and foggy weather. So if you're looking for an adventure that will give you a sense of accomplishment when completed, this is just what you need!


The Visapur fort trek route before Lohagadwadi distance is very small. It will need 40 mins to reach the fort top. Once you get to the Visapur fort entrance, there are many beautiful spots to visit. A little bit of common sense and good trekking gear will help you stay safe on this trek. There are many different trek routes to reach the fort. However, the one starting before Lohagadwadi is the shortest and simplest. If you visit the fort on weekends, it will be crowded on all the trekking routes.

10. Tikona Fort Trek

Tikona Fort Trek is a short and easy trek route in the hills of Lonavala. It is perfect for those who want to explore some new views, dense jungles, Pawna dam views and waterfalls with limited time on their hands. You can also drive through the beautiful Javan Tungi Road to Aamby Valley.


Locals maintain Tikona Fort very well; they keep a register of visitors and hikers feedback after the trek. The trekking route is also supported and updated regularly. In addition, rock-cut steps have been repaired leading to the fort summit and steel railing added to make it safer for hikers. Finally, danger signs have been installed at places hikers should avoid on Tikona Fort Hike.

Tips to stay safe on your Monsoon Treks in Maharashtra.

Monsoon has many treks for you to explore. It's great to be adventurous, but it's also important to stay safe while exploring. So here are some tips on how to have an enjoyable trek without any worries!

  1. Don't book with a third-party booking website; usually, they take your booking and give it to the cheapest operator. You have no control over the trek operator who will manage your trek. Mostly these operators work on very slim margins so cannot hire experienced leaders, trekking equipment and outsource it to some local villager to operate the trek.
  2. Check the reviews of the trekking companies. If you have seen an amazing video on social media and want to join that handle for the next trek, check if they have a google my business page, website, business reviews, current bank account, or registered with MAAC. These checks will help you eliminate groups that are just run temporarily during Monsoon and have low experience managing treks safely.
  3. Avoid taking selfies or group photos near the edge of the mountain.
  4. Wear proper trekking gear like trekking shoes, hardshell rainwear.
  5. Carry enough water and food. Although you don't feel thirsty, staying hydrated is a must on your treks.
  6. Use the GPS app and upload your trek route. GPS apps will help you navigate properly even if the trekking route is covered in fog and has low visibility. Pro tip these apps drain battery life quickly. Carry a power bank to support the additional battery requirement of your phone.
  7. Bring a torch, whistle, first aid, dry bag to keep all your gadgets safe.
  8. Bring Insect repellent on deep jungle hikes. Expect mosquitoes and flies to bite you. An insect repellent will help them keep away. Pro tip wear full track pants and full sleeves T-shirt. Clothing will save you from insects and prickles.
  9. Check the weather forecast. Don't attempt monsoon treks in Maharashtra when it is raining heavily. Waterfalls, streams, the river will make be extremely unsafe.
  10. Don't climb waterfalls or swim in the pools below them. Waterfall pools have strong undercurrents. Many picnickers drown in them.


Stay Safe on Monsoon treks in Maharashtra is in your hand. Go on expeditions only if you are fit, have proper trekking gear, follow trek leader instruction, don't drink alcohol or smoke illegal substances on your hike, keep an eye on the weather forecast, and choose destinations that are safer and easier to trek with your friends and family.