Envision floating amidst a blue sea surrounded by marine life. Sounds heavenly peaceful, right? If you are looking for underwater adventure and pondering where to go, we are here to put an end to your thoughts and take you for your life's most surreal experience! We trust it's time you tick Netrani Island Scuba Diving off your bucket list, and what's more, do it directly off the shoreline of Murudeshwar, in the waters of Netrani Island Karnataka! Netrani is a heart-moulded coral island in the Arabian Sea, ideally suited for snorkelling and scuba diving. Due to its rustic topography, scuba diving is done from a boat secured to its shores. If you need to experience Scuba diving finally, yet aren't correctly prepared for an accreditation course, at that point, this Introductory Diving trip is just the right thing for you. One doesn't need any prior experience with Scuba Diving; even swimming not required. Set out on a thrilling outing to Netrani Island Scuba Diving, which has one of the clearest diving sites in India. For city dwellers, this isn't anything short of an adventure, to know that Karnataka has its diving site, and it's just a stone throw away.


Dive Depth: 12 Meters (Maximum)

Dive Time: 30-40 min (subjective to your comfort level underwater)

Visibility: 15-25 meters

Best Months: October to May

Temperature: 27-30 degrees


Banavasi Tour & Scuba Diving at Netrani Islands Murudeshwar - A Two Day Overview

Day Zero: An overnight bus journey of 380 km will take us from Bangalore to Banavasi.


Day One: We will be reaching Banavasi roughly around 7 a.m. After breakfast, we begin our hike towards Unchalli Waterfalls. The trek to the cascades is simply around one km, and it is an easy climb along a forest trail. We will be chilling under the waterfalls and rejuvenating. After spending a good time there, we will proceed onward to see the sunset at Mangodlu Beach. A night stay will follow this in Kumta.


Day Two: The next morning, we depart from Kumta to Murudeshwar beach and have breakfast at the beach. After breakfast, we board a 20 km ferry ride Murudeshwar to Netrani Islands. On the way, you will be briefed about the dive sites and marine life. Netrani Island boat ride is a marvellous experience. Basic lessons about Scuba Diving will be given by trained instructors too. After arriving at the diving spot, one will get an opportunity to dive at Netrani for 30 to 40 min and even go snorkelling. In the wake of finishing these activities, we return to Murudeshwar Beach. We will eat dinner at the beach and afterwards head off to Bangalore and reach by 6:00 a.m. on Day 3. After reaching the diving spot, one will get a chance to dive at Netrani for 30 to 40 min 

3 Nights 3 Days Available on request
Frequently Asked Questions

About the trip:

Banavasi -The First Capital of Karnataka

Banavasi remains the preceding and the very first Capital of Karnataka. This village nestled in subterranean rainforests of the Western Ghats of South India. Varada River streams around it from three sides. Existing since 4000 BC, during the period of Mahabharata, Banavasi was known as 'Vanavasika'. Greek geographer Ptolemy referenced Banavasi as 'Banousi' in his celebrated book in the first century A.D.

Banavasi was known 'Jayanthipura' or 'Vaijayanthi Pura' during the Kadamba time frame in the 4th century A.D. Chinese traveller Huen Tsang when visiting India from 630-644 C.E., paid a visit to Konkanapura called Konkanapulo (referred in Chinese scripts) or Banavasi.

It is an eco-tourism village with rural and country flavours, and one can anticipate an authentic cultural experience while being in the lap of nature. Your taste buds will be cheered and overflowing with flavours as the suppers served here includes a broad scope of fresh spices and chutneys made of lentils, chillies, tamarind, and bread made with rice and millets. Local families prepare the food; subsequently, it is noncommercial and solid. The best of the pineapples originate from Banavasi, so remember to attempt the delicious Pineapples and take some back home. Brace yourself to trot around the generally inconspicuous and unexplored antiquated just as verifiable spots in Karnataka.


Netrani Islands – the Heart of India's Diving

Netrani, a coral island off the Karnataka coast, offers one of the most advancing and enthralling scuba diving encounters. Otherwise called the pigeon island, Netrani is around 19 K.M. from the sanctuary town of Murudeshwar. The ethereal aerial perspective of Netrani shows up heart-shaped, and this island is a natural habitat to a multitude of coral reefs and marine life. You will be familiarized with the necessary safety guidelines and skills needed to dive under the immediate supervision of a PADI or SSI Professional. All run to global sets of expertise, gears, and safety. With clear waters cooperating with marine life, these diving destinations have coral reefs, rock apexes, and shipwrecks. The warm, lucid, clear waters around Netrani Island make it a perfect place for novices to learn scuba diving and for professional divers to appreciate the test of more profound dive locales!

Scuba Diving in Netrani Island will end up being the best break you need from the ordinary tiring life. Alongside the coral reefs, there will likewise be an assortment of fishes to spot and swim around. Netrani Scuba Diving will offer you a chance to watch butterflyfish, whale sharks, parrotfish, triggerfish, eels, killer whales, stingrays, and turtles in their natural environment. It is an outwardly powerful experience where you are cut-off from the stereotypical parts of your life.


Highlights of Scuba Diving Trip 

  • Explore the best of land and underwater on a single trip
  • No need to travel to the Andaman's when there is a crystal clear diving site in Karnataka
  • You can finally tick off Scuba Diving from your bucket list
  • Let the serene atmosphere of these places rejuvenate you
  • The cool blue and verdant green will absorb all your stress away
  • Savour the local home-cooked delicacies of South India