Meghalaya offers nature lovers raw natural beauty that will leave you mesmerized. Meghalaya simply means the Abode of Clouds and it is popularly known for the numerous root bridges and natural swimming pools to explore. The state is also widely known to receive the maximum rainfall in the world and it is surrounded by gushing waterfalls encircled by enchanting trails and forests. The state is also considered a paradise for nature lovers and backpackers and will surely leave you coming back for more.


  • Swimming in the natural pools around the valleys
  • Explore the 200 years old living root bridges
  • Have fun at the natural amusement park, Mawlyngbna
  • Discover the mind-blowing Krang Suri Falls
  • Visit the cleanest village and river.


Day One: Arrival

You will arrive at Guwahati airport where you will be met by our team. Guwahati is popularly called the gateway to northeast India and it links the seven sister states in northeast India to the rest of the country. We will then go on a drive through NH 40 to the vibrant capital city of Assam. We will pass through the stunning Umiam Lake on the way and we can stopover for pictures if you want. You will then stay in Cherrapunjee for the day where you simply relax and enjoy the lovely weather. You will then have dinner and just rest for the next day.

Day Two: Go on a thrilling trek

We will leave early and head to the mind-blowing Wei Sawdong waterfalls where you can take a dip and replenish your energy for the next adventure. We will then head to the Tyrna village which serves as the base point for Nongriat village trek. This is a tasking trek as you climb down 3000 steps but you will be rewarded by the enchanting views of the double-decker living root bridge. We will then have pitstops where you can drink water and also try out the local lime juice before we then head to Nongriat where you will put your baggage. We will then head back to the water bodies close to the double-decker bridge for a lovely fish pedicure and relaxation before heading back to the village to sleep.

Day Three: Go on a jungle trek

On the third day, you will wake up early in the morning for breakfast before we start the thrilling adventure trek in the jungle. We will then cross numerous living root bridges and hanging bridges before we get to the stunning Rainbow Falls. We will get to the fall in the afternoon where you will enjoy lovely views of the fall as the sun shines on it. The fall is scenic and magnificent and you should ensure you take along camera and binoculars to spot birds. You can also go swimming close to waterfalls or the smaller pools. You will also be mesmerized by the butterflies on your way to Nongriat where you will stay for the night.

Day Four: Head to the Mawlyngbna, a Natural Amusement Park

Early in the morning, you will bid your host goodbye and head to Mawlyngbna. Before you can get to the parking spot, you will go on a steep climb on well-laid steps that is tasking and we can rest if you get tired. If we make it to Tyrna in time, we will also visit the majestic Nohkalikai falls. Mawlyngbna is filled with lots of jungle and thrilling river activities that you can try out. Our guides will also take you on a short walk to the jungle where you will enjoy stunning sunset views. We will then have dinner at a local restaurant before we head to your accommodation.

Day Five: try out watersports at Mawlyngbna

On the second day in Mawlyngbna, you will try out thrilling water activities such as river trekking, kayaking, or simply lazing around the lake. After the activities, you will then freshen up before you have lunch and then go on a trek to Lew Luri Lura. On this trek, you will see depressions in the rock that are believed to be footprints of large animals. Our guide will also show you the fossils of species like starfish which was from the time when the region was underwater. You will then spend the evening relaxing at your accommodation.

Day Six: Visit the cleanest village

We will leave Mawlyngbna early in the morning and visit Mawlynnong which is known as the cleanest village in Asia. We will then explore numerous viewpoints where you will spot the Bangladesh region and also head to a local restaurant to have lunch before we head to Indo-Bangladesh border at Dawki. We will then go camping close to clean Umngot River where we have dinner and enjoy a story session close to the river.

Day Seven: Wander around Shillong

We will wake early and go on a boat ride in the river before we enjoy locally made breakfast before we then head to the stunning Krang Suri Falls. We will then go to Shillong where you will see rolling hills that are popularly known as the Scotland of the East by the British. You can either chill at one of the cafes in the city or wander around the local market.

Day Eight: Tour ends

We will wake early for breakfast and you will then be conveyed to Guwahati. We will arrive at Guwahati by afternoon where you can take a flight or train back home.

8 Nights 8 Days Available on request
7+ Days