Malvan, in the Maharashtra district, is a tiny town in the Sindhudurg region. Goa, known for its beaches, is about two hours away from this town. Along with the old Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan has become a key draw for visitors thanks to its beautiful beaches and a wide variety of water activities. Malvan is a popular spot for those who enjoy water sports due to its calm and steady waves. The scuba diving at Malvan is indeed a fantastic experience.



Dive 20–25 feet into the Arabian Sea for 10 minutes.

Enjoy parasailing, jet skiing, banana rides, bumper rides, and boat rides.

Safe scuba diving requires a PADI instructor.

Enjoy great meals on this adventure.

Easy pick-up and drop-off from Candolim, Baga, and Calangute



Place of the activity: Malvan Beach in Goa, Maharashtra

Timing of the activity : 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Duration of activity: Scuba Dive The dive will last 20 to 30 minutes with a PADI instructor.

Places to pick up and drop off: North Goa

Candolim, Calangute, and Baga


About Malvan Scuba Diving:

  • By 10:30 AM, you'll reach Malvan. On the way, eat breakfast.
  • You'll be guided by a PADI-certified instructor.
  • From 11:30 to 12:15, take the boat to the scuba location.
  • From 12:15 PM to 12:25 PM, deep dive into sea (up to 25 feet) to see marine life's beauty.
  • At 12:25 PM, enjoy the picturesque boat journey back to the beach.
  • You'll arrive at the shore by 1:30.
  • At 1:30 PM, enjoy a delicious packed lunch.
  • From 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM, you can enjoy parasailing, jet ski rides, banana rides, and bumper rides.
  • After an interesting day, you'll be dropped off and at your different places between 3:30 PM and 7:00 PM.


Please Note: Anyone over 12 can participate in the activity.


  • Come prepared with water cover for mobile, personal medicine, and a health checkup; carry enough sunscreen and a sun protection cap and clothes.
  • Pay close attention to the instructor's directions. Scuba diving, training, and activity will take about 20 to 25 minutes.
  • During busy travel times, the provider may change where guests are picked up and dropped off to make sure that everyone has a smooth ride.
  • Scuba water activities may be canceled in real-time if the weather is unsuitable, there are operating limitations, or the sea is rough. The sum related to Scuba will be subtracted from the overall booking value. The remaining amount will be returned within seven business days.
  • If you have a serious illness, you cannot take part in this activity.
  • Travelers may not be able to get their money back if they decide not to do the dive.
  • The water's cleanliness and clarity depend on the current environment; neither the operating crew nor Treks and Trails have any control over this.
  • People who have asthma, high blood pressure, ear problems, sinus problems, or heart problems can't do the activity.
  • The dive master may refuse to give the tourist activity if he is determined to be unfit for diving before or during the scuba activity.
  • This is a group tour, so depending on how many people are there on any given day, there may be a wait to do the things that are listed as being part of the tour.
  • Never eat a substantial meal before diving, and give yourself at least two hours to digest before traveling to the site of your dive.
  • Suppose you spend less time underwater while scuba diving in Goa because you are uncomfortable. In that case, the divemaster could immediately pull you out of the water, and you might not have another chance.
  • Combining water sports is not a time-sensitive activity. While engaging in activities, a 150–200 meter circle is covered.
  • Please keep the atmosphere welcoming during your activity.
  • The scuba diving video lasts one to three minutes.
  • Children between the ages of 6 and 12 must pay an extra fee in cash on the spot to the vendor if they are with their paying parents.
  • Children under 12 are not allowed to go scuba diving in Goa or do any other water activity while on tour.
  • Goa scuba diving requires divers to be at least 12 years old.


1 Hour Available on request
Things to Carry
Things to Carry
  • Sun Caps

  • Day pack upto 30 liters

  • Water bottle and snacks

  • Extra pair of socks

  • Floater or slippers

  • Swimwear

  • Walking shoes

  • Mobile cover

  • GoPro with floating and hand strap stick, if available