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Kunti Betta Trek is a 2882 feet high slope, involving two hillocks in the Western Ghats of Bangalore. It stands tall in the town of Pandavapura, enveloped by paddy fields, coconut trees, and sugarcane ranches. This hill has a historical connection with the rule of 18th Century warrior king Tipu Sultan and the Pandavas. Legend has it that Pandavas from Mahabharata and their mother Kunti dwelled in the caverns of this hill during the time of their exile. The hillock was Kunti's preferred spot as she invested a great deal of her time here; consequently, the mountain is named Kunti Betta. At the head of the slope is a utensil moulded stone and a stone pestle, where it is said she used to prepare and granulate food, hence this hill is otherwise called Onake Betta ( Onake implies pestle in Kannada). These slopes were previously called 'French Rocks' as the French armed force who had helped Tipu Sultan in his war against the British utilized this spot as their outdoor ground. The Pandavas have finished their 12-year long exile here. Therefore the town is named 'Pandavapura'. With its precarious stone faces and a stone column on its highest point, Kunti Betta is hard not to see from Pandavpura. While trekking, you can look the layers and layers of slopes unfurls before your eyes. At the head of Kunti Betta, one can look out for the crocodile face rock, and utensil formed rocks that were utilized by Pandavas for cooking. Kunti betta from Bangalore is a popular trekking spot.


An Expert Interview About Kunti Betta Trek Information

  • Starting point: Pandavpura, Mandya district Karnataka 
  • Trek gradient: Easy to Moderate. It is a fabulous trek for beginners. The trail passes through the rocky boulders, grasslands, and granite outcrops
  • Approximate time: 2 to 3 hours to complete this trek.
  • Trekking distance: 4 km up and down
  • Water sources: None. One should carry at least 2 liters of water before starting the trek. There is a temple at the base village, and one can refill their bottles there.  
  • Best months to visit: The best time to trek to Kunti Betta is from September to February as during heavy monsoons the trail becomes murky and slippery which makes the descent difficult and it is too humid during summers. 


Kunti Betta Trek Itinerary

We will begin our Bus Journey 

  • 06:00 am - First bus stop from BMC, Indiranagar 80 feet Road
  • 06:30 am - Second bus stop from New Shanthi Sagar Hotel, Domlur
  • 06:45 am - The last Pick-up from Lifestyle, Magrath Road nearby Garuda Mall
  • Enjoy Morning breakfast along the way. 
  • We will use the toilets at the Restaurant as there no washroom on the trek path. 
  • Reach base village 
  • Introduction with Treks and Trails India team 
  • Dos and Dont during the trek 
  • Start trek after an easy warm-up 
  • Reach the Kunti Betta Peak and enjoy the views
  • Lunchtime with fellow trekkers enjoy your packed lunch 
  • We will bing our descend trek till the base village 
  • Start our return journey after reaching the bus 
  • We will stop again at the Restaurant for toilets and little snacks 
  • Reach Bangalore by 8 pm  


Please note:

  • We will follow the same bus route for pick up and drop points no diversion will be entertained 
  • Please bring packed lunch for this trek 
  • Trekkers need to take by their garbage back to Bangalore after the trek. 
  • Please use reusable water bottles you can fill them up at Restaurant and before the trek. 
  • Above itinerary timings can change incase of bus breakdown, traffic, weather condition, injury or any unforeseen issues.



1 Night 1 Day Available on request
Frequently Asked Questions

Getting there Kunti Betta trek:

By Road: 125kms from Bangalore, 33 kms from Mysore (Mysuru) 25kms from Mandya, and 16 kms from Srirangapatna. One can board state transport buses from these locations and reach Kunti Betta. 

Nearest Railhead: Pandavpura Railway Station, 8kms from Kunti Betta. Trekkers can take cabs or rickshaws from the railway station to reach Kunti Betta. 

Nearest Airport: Mysore Airport, 39 kms from Pandavapura. One can take a direct cab to Kunti Betta from the airport. 

From Bangalore: 

One can start from Bangalore the previous night, arrive at Pandavpura in the morning, concluding the trek and return to Bangalore on the same day. Bangalore - Bidadi - Ramanagaram- Mandya - Pandavapura- Kunti Betta via SH-17


Kunti Betta Trekking

The Kunti Betta trail is a short yet a bit technical. It incorporates steep climbs and descents. Navigating first over-top a hillock and afterward as far as possible up Kunti Betta, you continually have the Thonnur Lake insight. The landscape comprises of volcanic stone and rocks, with brief stretches of moorland (short grass, shrubby trees, and hedge). You realize you are at the culmination when you see the Stone column. Extraordinary perspectives on encompassing fields, hillocks, and the Thonnur Lake make the Stone Pillar the ideal viewpoint.

There is an old sanctuary with a lake in the center which denotes the start of the hill. Begin the move trek from the right side of the pond, step your foot on the steep slanted surface of a single stone noticeable to the unaided eye. The initial walk for a couple of meters is over 60 degrees. There will be a vertical divider that will be hard to climb instead of diverting directly from the stones and follow the path which crosses through thick vegetation. A Croc-face rock will be evident on the track. Turn right and climb the colossal stone which gives way from the paddy fields and coconut trees with the other slope and Kunti Kund. Looking to the opposite side, the Kunti Betta hillock with a column on the top would be noticeable. On the left side, a little slope bordered is additionally remarkable. Begin strolling in the open region on the left side after the path. On the off chance that you continue following the trail, you will reach the base of the paddy fields. To stay away from that, take a right turn along the hillock. The little top on the left is the croc-face. The highest point is close, follow the path, cross the stones, creep around the thick vegetation, and a terrific perspective on the encompassing that causes one to feel the magnificence of the Pandavas legacy unfurl before one's eyes.


Highlights of the Kunti Betta Trekking: 

The beautiful vision of the sky midst the diverse hues of the sky will undoubtedly loathe you with the beauty of nature. The Kunti Betta journey is a simple trek to attempt. It is a perfect end of the week escape with an exceptionally short travelling distance and fascinating path. Regardless of whether you are an amateur, this journey will add on to your experience, and the breathtaking vistas of nature will make your outing more commendable. Viewing dawn from such a beautiful spot will fill you with a ton of positive vitality that you can reclaim with you when the end of the week gets over. 

Kunti Betta Bangalore stands apart as the most well known and exciting trekking experiences one can undertake close to Bangalore. It is a hypnotizing and remarkable experience, and sufficiently impressive to stimulate your adventurous bone. 

Aside from the guided trekking visit to the Kunti Betta top, the charming views on the encompassing paddy, sugarcane fields will offer you the genuine substance of this area. The breathtaking perspectives on the dawn amid the lovely tones of the sky will provide you with candid pictures for your Instagram. With it's out of this world excellence, encompassed by sugarcane and paddy fields, and coconut trees, it's a mysterious spot to loosen up in and spend some quality and quiet time with friends and family.


Frequently asked questions 

1. Kunti Betta to Bangalore distance by road?   

Bangalore to Kunti Betta Distance is 130 km by road it will take three hours to cover this distance. 

2. Kunti Betta from Mysore distance by road? 

Mysore to Kunti Betta Distance is 33 km by road it will take one hour to cover this distance. Kunti Betta Mysore a popular night trek destination in Karnataka.  

3. Kunti Betta Night Trek from Bangalore?

Night trek to Kunti Betta from Bangalore is available during the winter and summer months. Night trek is an easy level with average endurance for beginners. Kunti Betta height 2,882 feet above sea level.   

4. Kunti Betta trek distance from start point?

The total trekking distance is around two kilometers one way. It will take around one hour to complete the trek one way. The entire time required is three to four hours for this trek. Kunti betta distance from Bangalore is 128 kms by road and will take three hours to reach the start point. Kunti Betta to Mysore distance is around 33 kms by road it will take 50 minutes.   

5. Kunti betta weather throughout the year? 

Monsoon rains heavily in this region, Winter is the best month for trekking with plesant weather. Summer, it is ideal to trek during the night to avoid the intense sun and high temperature.

6. Food and water availability on the Kunti Betta Trek?

There are no food and water options available on the trek you will need to bring your own. Please carry two to three liters of water on this trek. Also, take some packed food like whole fruits, dry snacks, energy bars, cakes to avoid spicy and salty food. 

Toilet availability on the Kunti Betta Trek?

We will stop at a restaurant before the trek for the meal and using the toilet. During the trek, there are no toilets available you will have to relieve yourself in the forest.