Kang Yatse two trek

Kang Yatze is the most famous peak in the Markha Valley, and you can easily climb it from either side. The mountain has two peaks, and it looks like the King’s Throne, and it is a great place to go if you want to climb your first 6000 meters without the crowds. On a clear day, you are going to enjoy magnificent views that can go as far as Nun Kun and Zanskar ranges in the West, K2, Gasherbrum Massif, and Broad Peak in the North.


Kang Yatse Two Trek - Event Itinerary

Day One - Arrival at Leh

Once you arrive at Leh by plane, you can check in a hotel and relax for the day.


Day Two - Exploring and Acclimatization in Leh

Leh is the center point of Ladakh, and it offers tourists a cultural and natural beauty that you can explore. You are going to find numerous ancient temples and monasteries around the city that you can visit. You can then explore the vibrant markets where you can try out local delicacies.


Day Three - Travel from Leh to Skiu through Chilling.

You will drive to the trailhead through a flat and desolate plain around the River Indus till you reach a confluence with the Zanskar River. You will then make a U-turn and head to the Zanskar Valley till you reach Chilling. At Chilling, you will then go on a hiking trail that will take you to a small village known as Skiu, and it is usually three hours if you go at a moderate pace.


Day Four - Hike from Skiu to Sara

We will then go on a hike through the majestic valley after the Markha River. On this trail, we are going to pass through a wide range of winter settlements where you will find Lhatos, a religious shrine for local deities and Mani walls which is a stone inscribed with Buddhist prayers. If you are hiking during the peak season, we are also going to pass through numerous tented teahouses before you get to Sara.


Day Five - Hike from Sara to Markha

We will then head to the largest village in the valley called Markha. The town features about 20 hours, a ruined fort, and an old monastery and we will spend the night at this village.


Day Six - Hike from Markha to Hangkar

On this day, we will go hiking on the Markha Valley trail which is lined by a ruined castle, old stone-mills, and the monastery of Techa. We are also going to find the village of Umlung on the trail where we will first get a view of the Kang Yatse. We will then head to Hangkar where you rest for the night.


Day Seven - Hike from Hangkar to Nimaling

We will then explore the walking trail that leads to the mind-blowing plateau of Nimaling, which is where the locals at the Markha Valley bring their herds for grazing in the summer. Find trekkers from all over the world at this camp with numerous local shepherds and their herds.


Day Eight - Trek from Nimaling to Kang Yatse Base Camp

We will then go on a trek from Nimaling through a loose rock that will take us to the peak of the ridge where you can get the first stunning views of the Kang Yatse. You will then walk on a gently slope trail downhill to the Base Camp.


Day Nine - Relax and Acclimatize at the Base Camp

On this day, Learn how to rope up, use ice axes, and crampons to climb the ice. Your body will also acclimatize to the high altitude and ready for the climb.


Day Ten - Climb to the peak and back to the Base Camp

The climb to the summit will start at midnight from the right of the Base Camp till we reach the top of the ridge. The trail is usually well marked, but the terrains always change, and we will keep climbing the hill until we get to the ablation zone of the glacier from the north of KY2. After we are at the peak of the moraine ridge, we will then rope up and then enter the glacier. 

We will then climb the northwest ridge and then climb the rocky outcropping and explore the ridge that leads to the summit. After we have enjoyed great views at the summit, we will then head back to the Base Camp to relax and spend the night.


Day Eleven - Hike to Chuskirmo where we will drive to Leh

We will then pack camp and trek back to Nimaling where we will hike to Kongmaru La Pass, which is at 5260 meters. We will then descend to Chuskirmo, filled with chortens and small shops. We are also going to get a vehicle that will drive us back to Leh.


Day Twelve - Trek ends


12 Days Available on request
7+ Days