Hornbill Festival & Dzukou Valley

Nagaland is popularly called the land of festivals and filled with interesting and friendly tribes. The tribes host numerous thrilling festivals that are considered sacred and you can also join them. One of the best festivals to try out is the Hornbill festival named after the stunning Hornbill bird and it is held in the stunning hills of Kohima. During this festival, you will get to enjoy tribal performances and ceremonies where you can discover a display of sports, ethnic crafts, games, and food fairs. The Dzukou Valley is a great destination to go for adventure lovers looking for a solitude around nature. It is located at the border of Nagaland and Manipur and it soars high at 2438m above the sea level.


  • Enjoy the thrilling Hornbill festival
  • Cycling around Khonoma Village
  • Enjoy night carnivals in Nagaland
  • Go trekking to Dzukou Valley


Nagaland Tour Itinerary

Day One: Overnight journey from to Dimapur from Guwahati by Train.

Our team will meet you at Guwahati Railway Station where we will then board the Hogwarts Express for an overnight train ride to the enchanting city of Dimapur. On this trip, you will also get acquainted with fellow travelers and our guide.

Day Two: Go on a drive to Kohima

We will drive to Kohima from Dimapur and it is a thrilling experience as you will enjoy stunning views of the hilly regions of Nagaland. Once we get to Kohima, we will then go sightseeing in and around the city. We will also head to the cultural village of Touphema for a local experience. We will then stay in a homestay close to the venue of the Hornbill festival.

Day Three: Experience the Hornbill Festival

We will then head to the festival after breakfast which is when you will enjoy thrilling vibes. You will experience music and dances and you will also enjoy the cultural experience while interacting with the people from numerous warrior tribes. We will then head to the campsite where you will enjoy the festival all through.

Day Four: Drive to Khonoma Village

On the fourth day, we will drive to Khonoma where you will explore the mountain roads. We will then go on a thrilling mountain bike around the mountain roads. After the nerve-wracking adventure, we will head to the night carnivals on the outskirts of Kohima. After the thrilling experience, we will head back to our campsite where have more fun around the bonfire before we sleep.

Day Five: Experience the Hornbill Festival

We will then head back to the festival where we explore the households of the numerous tribes and also try out the local delicacies like the Bhut Jolokia, the spiciest chili in the world. We will then relax and enjoy the night at the campsite while preparing for the next adventure.

Day Six: Go on a nerve-wracking trek to the stunning Dzukou Valley

Your tour to Nagaland will not be complete without going hiking and the best place to do this is at the mind-blowing Dzukou Valley. The best thing is that it is an easy trek and it is worth the effort. You will start with a steep climb for an hour before you then discover lush green hills as far as your eyes can go. You will then spend the evening relaxing the dormitory.

Day Seven: Wander around Dzukou valley

We will start the day by wandering down into the valley where you will find an enchanting small frozen stream surrounded by greeneries. You can also wander around the surrounding caves and rocks before we then travel back to Kohima. You will then rejuvenate from the walk in the homestay where a hot bath awaits you.

Day Eight: Drive back to Dimapur

You will start packing up after breakfast after the memorable experience you enjoyed. We will then drive you back to Dimapur where we will board an overnight train to Guwahati. The memories of the experience will surely linger on your mind on your way to Guwahati.

Day Nine: tour ends

Once you get to Guwahati in the morning, we will bid you goodbye and you can then head to your various destinations.

9 Nights 9 Days Available on request
7+ Days