Bhaderwah is a town in Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir state of India. The town's location is on the foothills of the middle Himalaya at an elevation of 5295 feet above sea level. This mountainous region offers excellent picturesque destinations for tourists. There are mountain streams and lush green meadows and more in this town which makes it amazingly beautiful, winning the tag of 'Mini Kashmir' for it.

At the distance of 80 km from the place called Batote and 250 km away from the city of Jammu, this mesmerizing town's beauty speaks for itself. Here tourists have opportunities to explore grasslands, beautiful valleys, rocky terrains, and a variety of flora and fauna. Also known as 'Nagaon Ki Bhoomi' or land of snakes, this town is home to various species of snake.


Beat Time to Visit Bhaderwah

Bhaderwah town has temples and pilgrimages sites such as Vasuki Nag Temple, and Kailash Kund. Also, various local fairs, festivals, and unique mosaic culture of this place makes for amazing eye-feast. You can be in this town throughout the year because the climate is almost always cold and cherishable. However, the best time is during the months from November to March as you will have an opportunity to enjoy a feast for your eyes and feet on white snow.


Reaching This Town

You may reach Bhaderwah by air. The nearby airport is Jammu Airport. From Delhi, Bhaderwah, Srinagar, and Leh, there are direct flights. Once you are out of the airport, you can take a bus or a private taxi to reach this town. Or, you may commute to the town through rail or via road. Through regular or deluxe buses, it takes seven hours from Jammu to reach Bhaderwah.


Best Places to Visit in Bhaderwah

For Sightseeing, There Are Various Unique Spots in This Town Such As:-

1) Chinta Valley

This valley is located at an elevation of 6500 feet above the sea level and is surrounded by dense coniferous forest. The most picture-perfect spot here is Thuba which separates Chintan Nallah from Bhaderwah. At an elevation of 10,200 feet is the Subarnag temple that represents an exquisite landscape.

2) Seoj Meadow

Seoj Meadow is the shining diamond like a landscape in Bhaderwah, which is astonishingly beautiful. Also, it houses pious Kailash Kund in the southern region. Explore the snow-covered mountains' beauty of this place. On the eastern side are grasslands and the western side is highlighted with crystal clear water of Seoj rivulet. It is an ideal camping site for people.

3) Padri

Just 40 km away from Bhaderwah Town, Padri is situated at the height of 10,050 feet. Experience the real adrenaline rush participating in activities like skiing during winter or paragliding during sunny summers. You may also enjoy sports like trekking or horse riding here.

4) Jai Valley and Sartingal

Jai Valley is about 30 km away from the main town. Visitors can spot unusual species of plants and animals here as this valley is marked for herbs wilderness. Sartingal is famous for melodious streams in the backdrop of snow-covered mountains. Feel the incredible bond with Mother Nature enjoying the blissful beauty of this place.

Now, that you know a lot about Bhaderwah book your itinerary to find the authenticity of every stated word. 

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