Trekking up the mountain is definitely going to lift your spirits high, and Rishikesh offers abundant chances to adventure buffs to traipse the Himalayas while enjoying impressive scenes of the underlying gorges. Rishikesh, reckoned as the “gateway to the Himalayas” is situated on the banks of Ganga and is located at the foothills of the Himalayas. It is the origin of legendary peaks and glaciers and is flourishing with natural magnificence. As far as landscape is concerned, trekking near Rishikesh put forwards an extensive array of dramatic and stunning panoramas. Wandering through green meadows and climbing steep pathways will lead one to the thrilling treks routes which are often graced by the glorious Ganga River.

Trekking trails from Rishikesh escort to the most incredible hamlets fleeting through the fertile countryside of blossoming greenery, awe-inspiring valleys, and enchanting waterfalls. A few famous treks to soak in the beauty of the Himalayas from Rishikesh are Nag Tibba Trek, Deoria Chandrashila, Kuari pass, Pangarchulla, etc. However, the creative endeavor in Rishikesh enchants the soul with not only admiration but satisfaction for overpowering your inhibitions and enhances the spirit of never giving up. Treks near Rishikesh not only personify the grandeur of nature at its best but also never fails to bewitch its visitors.Ri

Great Himalaya trail