Cycling is an aerobic recreational activity that has numerous health benefits, plus it is eco-friendly. If you’re a tourist or a Mumbaikar, then you should tighten your shoelaces and gear yourself to explore your city in the best way possible. We have distinctly themed cycling events designed for different groups. 

Bombay has a unique charm at night when the breeze is cool, traffic is less, and the city lights are vivid.  One shouldn’t miss a chance to experience eventful midnight where you will be cycling through the quaint bylanes of Bombay. Sobo Circuit is specially curated to take our riders through the rough coastal road that stretches from Nariman Point to Worli Sea face. 

While we never lose sight of the Arabian Sea, we halt at iconic landmarks that are a jewel in Bombay’s varied heritage. We know that you haven’t cycled for years; that’s why we have skilled experts to guide you along, with some treats. The cherry on the cake is that you get to make some cool friends, your stress is busted, happy hormones will greet you, and you might also shed some grams of chub, and all this will happen in a single night.

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