Types of Trekkers

Types of Trekkers

Unforgettable Trekkers

Trekking is one of the most popular activities undertaken by youth all over the globe. Every year thousands of youth flock to the mountains in the quest to reach the top. Yet, we all know that it is the journey that matters and not the destination. What's more, this journey and the ones with whom you share it occupy a special place in your heart. We all have a group of close friends, although no friend, not even the best of them, is the same and sane (laughs). All are different in their distinct way. Similarly, since its origin, Treks and Trails have come across all types of trekkers. Believe us or not, each trek has its own set of whacky, antique, and quirky trekkers, which make the trek all the more unforgettable.

The Whiner

Trust us; every trekking group is going to have one such complaint box trekker. It is like their second nature to complain and find fault in everything. Right from the timing of the trek to the food, homestays, and the trail, they will have to complain about some of the other stuff. Usually, it is always the responsibility of other trekkers to pacify them and trek leaders to appease them. These trekkers also whine about natural factors like weather, mud, crowd, etc., which is not in the hand of organizers. Give them the royal treatment, and they will still act as if coming on the trek was one of the worst decisions of their lives.

The Photographer and Vlogger

These breeds of trekkers carry a unique bag just for their fancy lenses, equipment, and gears. DJI Osmo, GoPro, Drones, iPhones, Tripod, and DSLRs, are their best friends. Their primary purpose of going on a trek is to get excellent content for their Instagram and YouTube. Mounting their phones and cameras as soon as the trek starts, they capture the landscape and terrain and keep on nagging other fellow trekkers by asking for bytes and making them do weird poses. But aren't we thankful to these trekkers? Because of them, we get new display pictures in HD quality.

The Game Starter

These trekkers are the ones who cannot sit still. They are probably addicted to playing Pubg or mobile games. That's why on treks, especially while traveling on the bus, they can't keep calm. They are always the first ones to come up with, "Chalo, Antakshari khelte hai." Or "Kisi ke paas cards hai kya, let's play that, I know all the variations." These trekkers don't understand the time and situation. When everyone has lost the route, people are dead tired, while eating food or even while trekking uphill, all they want to do is play games and sing the age-old Antakshari songs. Special mention to the ones who play Dumb Charades and have a list of weird movies like "Dhoti Lota Aur Chowpatty," "Sasti Dulhan Mahenga Dulha," "Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein," and "Jal Bin Machhli Nritya Bin Bijli."

The Racer

These are the class of trekkers who are workout freaks and marathon runners. As soon as the trek commences, all they want to do is race and be the first one to reach the top. They are also usually the ones who want to walk ahead of the trek leaders. Don't know why they feel that they are in an undeclared competition with all the trekkers. Such trekkers have impressive physiques and persuade other trekkers to race with them. They are just like a movie without an interval! However, one of the advantages of having such trekkers on the trek is that these types of trekkers set an excellent example for other trekkers to pull up their socks. Having them around serves as a motivation to complete the trek for others.

The Over Packer

Seasoned trekkers and trekking originations have always recommended we carry only essentials on a trek. This is done to keep our backpacks light, which helps us while climbing uphill. Yet, some exclusive creatures have with them almost all the things at home. Right from their favorite blanket, teddy bear, extra clothes and shoes, toiletries, etc., everything will be brought on a trek. What's funny is that they pretend like they can manage to carry their bags, but we know they are huffing-puffing from inside. Sadly, some of their friends have to do the honors of carrying their load. Yet, these types of trekkers prove to be an advantage because we may have forgotten to bring some necessities but can always rely on borrowing their stuff.

The Dog Lover

“It’s just the most amazing thing to love a dog, isn’t it? It makes our relationships with people seem as boring as a bowl of oatmeal.”―John Grogan. During your trek, you will always find a mountain dog guiding you in return for some meal. Many villagers also keep dogs as working pets that help them manage their farm or livestock security against pests. The moment the trekker sees the dog, she will fall in love with him. Both will be inseparable till the journey separates them again. Some trekkers carry extra biscuits, dog food, and medicines to help mountain dogs predominantly suffer from ticks and maggots. Next time you go for a trek, pick up some dog food and wound treatment ointment readily available at all significant medicals to help mountain dogs.

The Fashion Divas and Branded Show off

Do you recollect Naina and Lara from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani wearing shorts and makeup while trekking? Yes, that's it. We ought to believe these actresses have inspired these trekkers. They are no less than celebrities with their top-notch branded clothing and makeup. Some trekkers want to have a raw feel and don't give a damn about their looks. And then these fashionistas cannot compromise their appearance even on treks and are found applying all sorts of makeup before the hike early in the morning. Not to forget the brand lovers, who are found top to bottom in Nike, Adidas, or Puma. Our heart goes out to these trekkers who wear expensive branded sports shoes, but the muddy trail devours their soles. Even after clear instructions to wear trekking shoes, they still go and buy brand new shoes a day before. And the very next day, lose it to the craggy mountains.

The Foodie

Trek, accha ho ya, naa ho, par khaana accha milna chahiye. Before booking the trek, these are the trekkers who enquire about the menu. On the hike, you will find them carrying a bag full of food. We have organized uncountable treks and have come across people who take Peanut butter and Jelly and BLT sandwiches, theplas, and all kinds of dips, nachos, and noodles. To top all of this with dry snacks, fruits, nuts, and chocolates. Still, the first question they shoot at the trek leader is always going to be, "Breakfast aur lunch me kya milega." Sometimes you wonder, do these people get food to eat at home or not. Honestly, these are our favorite kinds of trekkers, and we are grateful for them. They are always found sharing their food with fellow trekkers and organizers.

The Chatter Box

In the list of annoying trekkers are these chatterboxes. Almost every trekker at some point in time has experienced trekking with these types of trekkers. They are the most hyper-talkative persons you will meet around. Even after the trek leaders instruct them that it is recommended not to talk a lot, you will still find them gossiping about everything as it tires us quickly. They will have a story to tell all the time. "Are ye toh kuch bhi nahi hai, hum jab Matheran gaye the na wahan bahot chadhai thi.", "Tujhe pata hai who trip pe kitna mazza aaya tha." We think they don't get to talk at home. That's why they can't stop talking on the trek. Probably, their family members shut their mouths with duct tapes. Special mention to the ones who have a trove of horror stories. As soon as the sun sets, they narrate all the spooky tales about mountains and scare the trekkers. They are solely responsible for scaring the life out of us, and then we have to control our pee because there's no way we are going out alone in the dead of night.

The Lazy Sloth

Let's talk about these laidback troopers who have never been into any sports or physical activities but friends jaa rahe the toh ye bhi aa gaye trek pe. Ab Sab Ram Bharose. No sooner than the trek commences, and they are already exhausted. Their friends, other trekkers, and trek leaders have to motivate them and give several pep talks for them to start walking again. As soon as we come across an excellent shade or place to sit, they are the first ones to drop their bags and sleep. They walk barely a few meters at a snail's pace and get tired. Completing the trek for them feels like walking against gravity. Mission Impossible. But kudos to the entire trekking group who take up the role of Sharukh Khan from Chak De India and make them reach the top.

The Mindful Monk

Another category of trekkers you will find are these peace-loving ones. They are usually found alone, walking in silence and enjoying the nature around them. They maintain their peace throughout the trekking journey. You can find them hushing other trekkers and making them aware of the tweeting of birds, the rustling of leaves, and the gushing of water. Sometimes, you will find them walking in an absolute trance-like state. Maybe they engage in introspection when they find tranquillity around them, away from the hustle-clamor of the city. You also won't find them complaining about anything and always listening to everyone else. After reaching the top, they will find a corner with the best view, sit in silence and meditate in utmost peace. Param Anand!

Annoying, Funny, Quirky, Lazy, but these trekkers are like pepper and salt. They are the ones who add tadka to our treks. We are all on treks to have the best time of our lives. No doubt, there will be instances of joy and sorrow, but a hike is unquestionably a lifetime experience to undertake and cherish. We would love to know which other avant-garde trekkers you have come across during your adventures. Happy Trekking!

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