Top 5 beaches in Raigad district

Top 5 beaches in Raigad district

About Raigad District

Rаіgаd іѕ a district in the state of Maharashtra. It wаѕ fоrmеrlу knоwn аѕ thе Kolaba dіѕtrісt bеfоrе іt wаѕ rеnаmеd Rаіgаd which wаѕ after thе Raigad fоrt thаt wаѕ thе саріtаl оf thе former Mаrаthа Empire. The district surrounded by varieties of beaches that you can go to for beach hopping activities, and some of the best beaches is listed below.

Harihareshwar beach

The town of Harihareshwar known for its scenic seaside and tranquil atmosphere. It also houses the Kalbhairav, the Shiva temple. This beach attracts beach lovers with its soft sands, inviting waters, and gentle winds. This beach is a great place to go if you want to relax and laze around under the sun or go swimming in the water. You can choose to visit Harihareshwar Temple Pradakshina Marg. You need to climb down 105 steps towards the rock formations. The route starts from behind the Kalbhairav Temple. Amazing rock-cut structures seen throughout the walking path and waves crashing into the rocks create a fantastic spectacle on this walk. You can see the Bankot Fort on the opposite coast and Velas Beach famous for the Olive Ridley Turtle conservation project. From February to May, local villagers in Harihareshwar set up Turtle conservation. Villagers collect turtle eggs and create a natural incubator on the beach once the eggs hatch turtles released in the morning or evening on the same beach from where the eggs found so that they return to the same beach one day. You can also hire local boats and explore the northern bay where Maratha Kingdom prime minister once lived.

Shrivardhan Beach

Located in Raigad District, Maharashtra, the Shrivardhan beach glows with white sand, located very close to Shrivardhan town. There are many homestays available right next to the beach. They offer amazing spicy local fish thali and clean accommodations for couples and large groups. The beach is about three kilometers long, and it is among the top place to go while in the town. It features a majestic white sand coastline dotted with mango plantations and coconut groves. The beach is a suitable place to go if you want to try out varieties of watersports like boating, water surfing, paragliding, and swimming. The beach also offers tourists mind-blowing sunset views and a great place to go for adventure and seafood lovers. The beach also houses diverse homestay options close to the beach where you can rent for the night. Shirvardhan Beach Camping is available on weekends.

Diveagar Beach

Diveagar Beach found in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, and it is 170 kilometers away from Mumbai. It offers beachgoers enchanting natural beauty, which will leave you coming back for more. The beach features greenery and azure water surrounded by white sand. The beach is a great place for sea surfing due to its wavy shores and strong tides from the Arabian sea. Diveagar Beach offers a perfect weekend getaway from nearby cities such as Pune and Mumbai, and you will find a plethora of activities that you can try out. Some of the best ways to explore the beach are by going on an evening stroll along the sea while enjoying the stunning sunset scenery, or you can go on a buggy ride in the evening. If you want a serene beach vacation, you can stay in the varieties of beach resorts that surround the beach.

Velas beach

Velas beach is among the famous beaches in the Ratnagiri district, and it is popularly known for the stunning Olive Ridley turtles. From February to May, locals who have been trained by NGO conduct Olive Ridley Turtle Conservation. Velas Villagers supplement their income with Ecotourism during these months. Bankot Fort offers a fantastic panoramic view of Velas Beach. Bankot Fort was the first residency of The British East India Company. It has a monolith gravestone dedicated to the family of Arthur Malet, who lost this Wife and one-year-old daughter in the Savitri River shipwreck. Pilgrims frequently visit Shri Bhairi Rameshwar temple located near the Velas beach. Some of the other famous attractions that you can visit are the house that belongs to Nana Phadnis and the temple of Goddess Lakshmi. Due to the efforts of the locals to preserve the regional wildlife of the Oliver Ridley Turtles, you will be chanced to see turtles hatching that scuttle towards the waves of the ocean. The beach also hosts a turtle festival which is popularly known all over the world. Velas beach is famous for homestays that boast of mind-blowing sceneries of the beach, backwaters, and swaying coconut trees. Locals harvest coconut-based fermented drinks known as Maadi. It is a cool refresher during the summer months.

Murud beach

The Murud beach offered a peaceful and serene retreat for beachgoers and found along the coast of Rajapuri. The beach dotted by a plethora of hotels, resorts, and homestays, which is suitable for tourists that want to have the beach to themselves. The beach is ideal for swimming and also very safe for kids to go swimming. There are also varieties of watersports that you can try out at the beach like para-sailing and paragliding; you can also wander in its fine sand. If you are a history or adventure lover, you can also take a short ferry ride to the fort of Murud-Zanjira, which remained unconquered after several attempts by the British, Dutch, Maratha, and other armies.