Salher Fort

Salher Fort

About Salher Fort Trek

  • Salher Fort Type - Hill Fort
  • Salher Fort Height - 5140 feet
  • Fort Salher Range - Selbari - Dolbari
  • District Salher Fort - Nashik
  • Salher Trek Difficulty Grade Medium
  • Food Arrangement required
  • Water Available on Salher Fort
  • Accommodation Caves available for night stay



Salher Fort Information

About: Salher is the highest fort in Maharashtra which offers spectacular views of the Baglan mountain range in Nashik. This fort has a good historic importance. Salher Fort was under Shivaji maharaj in 1671. The Mughals attacked the fort in 1672. Almost one lakh soldiers fought in this war. Many soldiers died in this battle but finally Shivaji Maharaj won the battle. Of all the face to face battles between the Mughals and Shivaji Maharaj’s troops, the battle of Salher takes first place. Such a big battle was not won before. The bravery and strategy used by the Maratha troops in the battle spread far and wide and increased Shivaji Maharaj’s fame further. After winning Salher, the Marathas also captured Mulher and established their reign over the Baglan region. In the 18th century the Peshwas occupied this fort and later by the British.

The fort of Salher was captured by Shivaji in 1671, during his campaign of the Baglan region. This news reached the Mogul emperor in Delhi. He got incensed with this news and said "I have sent lakhs of cavalry but they have come back shamefully, now whom do I send?" The emperor then decided "As long as Shivaji is alive, we are not leaving Delhi". He then called Ikhlaas Khan and Bahlol Khan and sent them with a cavalry of 20,000 horses to attack Salher. Ikhlaas Khan then laid siege of Salher Fort. When this news reached the Maharaj, he sent message to his Commander in Chief Prataprao through his secret agents "Go to Salher with your troops and drive off Bahlol Khan". He also sent a parallel letter to Moropant Peshwa to go from Varghati Konkan along with his troops and meet Prataprao near Salher. As planned, both Prataprao and Moropant rode to Salher from both sides and a fierce battle ensued.


Places to See near Salher Fort 

Dher Kharak - Dher Kharak Hills is situated in the Nasik District, in the Sahyadris. It lies south of Hanuman hill. Buses ply from Nasik to Mulher. Bambulne village is accessible by road from Mulher, and the rest of the journey up the hill should be made on foot.

How to Reach Salher Fort

By Rail - Nearest railway station is Manmad Junction and then 81 km by road.

By Road - Satana are the nearby by towns to Salher Fort having road connectivity to Salher Fort.


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