Burhanpur road trip full dhamal

Burhanpur road trip full dhamal

Day One - Burhanpur road trip - 26 October 2015

Awesomeness was right from the start. Our journey started from Dadar at 06:30 am for Burhanpur road trip. More details about Burhanpur available in the blog EXPLORE BURHANPUR. Honestly not a great deal of planning was done for the first-ever ROADTRIP at Treks and Trails, India. Everyone responded very well. The expectation setting was done at the very beginning. I remember asking Leena to carry two kitchen knives, tissue paper rolls, ready to make soup and a sleeping bag. An unplanned road trip together of our past old trek buddies with Treks and Trails India. Some who had done a trek when we established as a group in 2012, others who had done a trek to Chinchoti waterfalls two weeks ago with us. The composition of the participants was unique in its way. The start was entire with a concise introduction at the food mall over breakfast. The colour of the Sheera bright orange stayed with us for the entire trip. Every day whenever we saw a sunset in Burhanpur road trip, Mangesh did remind us of the colour of Sheera. Which I now believe is in my core memory. On the way, a little before Nashik, we also stopped at a vast Jain temple to offer darshan and seek blessings for the unknown road ahead. You must be wondering how we got here? Wandering along the highway and following the GPS on Arundas Samsung Note3 we halted at one of the many roadside stalls selling banana chips. Banana chips? Rs 120 again for 500 grams. Mineral water Rs 120

We also happen to visit the nearby fields to examine the cotton crops, banana plantation and the Jawar farms. A casual conversation with the banana chip vendor suggested that we visit Unabdev temple as people from far-flung places come to pay a visit. The peace within the temple caught us all, and we decided to stop overnight here. There is a forest guest house in the temple premises. Thou the facilities are neglected. We still stayed overnight. Drove till the highway for dinner and then back at the guest house to catch some sleep. The caretaker also offered us some dal pakoda and bread sandwich at 22:30 after puja followed by masala milk post-Kojagiri celebrations. With the full moon sighted - stay at a forest guest house, did anyone say Ghosts?

At 01:30 in the night we all were woken up by some growling, our room door rattles, the sound made our sleepy hearts skip a beat, a chill down our spines. It was just a couple of dogs fighting outside in the veranda. A few seconds later, we all were dreaming again. 120 km to Burhanpur and
One hundred twenty rupees per person stay at Forest Guesthouse.

Day Two 27 October 2015

Day two was the longest bumpy ride ever travelled. This ride even beat the Velas Turtle festival ride. We started early morning at around 07:45 from the forest guest house at Unabdev, which is one of the three recorded hot water spring in Jalgoan district. It has a temperature of 40C. The water is tasteless, with a peculiar but not sulphurous smell. Local villages have reported that water from his spring cures skin diseases.
Breakfast at the local dhaba Rs 120. We also purchased apples for Rs 120, and Forest guest house stay PP Rs 120.

Our drive post-breakfast till Burhanpur was for approx three hours. We quickly settled in one of the local hotels dumped our bags. We left soon with our new found friend to Explore Burhanpur. First, we visited Asirgarh fort. The drive from Burhanpur city till the base of the fort is approx 25 km. Then we also drive a winding path for 4 km to reach the entrance. After groupies, selfies, and photobombing, we went to Moti Mahal. Everyone was off to bed soon as the next day was going to be super exciting with lots to explore. A few us tried using a matchstick to keep our eyelids from closing as we wanted to watch InsideOUT movie. However, it could not go past the first 30 minutes of the movie.

Day Three 28 October 2015

We all push every limit - starting our day at 07:30 am with early morning breakfast of jalebi, poha, theplas and sweet samosa. Measured the length and breadth of Burhanpur in the best possible way. A lot of these places can be covered if you travel by a private vehicle and a useful guide. Of those who came in late Old jungle saying - Phantom comics, there is currently only one GUIDE available in the entire city of Burhanpur not verified). Many of these ancient building is in ruins. If only the people of Burhanpur could realize this historical treasure within city limits. With the October heat on BREAK THO BANTA HAI. The closest fastest option was sugarcane juice bill Rs 120.

For many of us, we had many first, like the first visit to a Gurudawara, first visit a dargah, first visit to a Jama masjid, my first Road Trip. The caretaker of the Jama masjid did allow us to examine 1000 bead - prayer bead made from Zaitoon Urdu word for olive. Our guide gave a photography tip as we entered the Jama masjid. "To click a picture from one minaret to another, use an iPhone. We also visited Dargah-e-Hakimi that belongs to the Bohri community. It's also the 3rd most significant shrines for the Bohri community around the world. We also descended Kundi Bandar well number two via a lift. Excellent experience here in Burhanpur. As barely one person can fit in the lift. However, two people squeeze in. Most of the working of the lift is controlled manually. Descend into the well is 80 ft. The science in the making of these 103 wells will simply amaze you.

Day three was the longest. I know the longest day on earth is on 21 March - Daksha birthday. Everyone except Leena tried not to sleep as there was a surprise birthday cake to wish her. Would like to quote from a Hollywood movie, saw this come true yet again. Burhanpur offered a yummy fresh cream Vanilla cake. To celebrate Leena, completing one more year around the sun. "Kehte hain ke, Agar Kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri, Kayanat usey Tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai."

Day Four - Burhanpur road trip - 29 October 2015

Our drive started at 05:45 am from Burhanpur towards Mumbai for the six-member team from Treks and Trails, India. One such trip that we shall cherish throughout our lives. Vaibhav had our journey well planned the night before. With 24GB of songs from Hip-hop to Trance, Marathi rap. The journey continues. Armed with iPhone 5S GPS, which read 09 hours 23 minutes - Mumbai 523 km via NH3 and MSH8. As the early morning rays of the sun lighted up our way, the Music picked up speed. As we entered Maharashtra a little before Jalgoan still on the state highway the quality of the roads no comments, we see many locals on morning walks. A special mention of one such element was seen on the road is a must. For a moment, I thought my first aid training would come handy. Alas!!! As we got closer, he amazed us by getting up, still seated on the edge of the highway road. Hmm, he was practising Suryanamaskar. Truly man is a social animal.

By now I guess even Vaibhav's tummy started to roar. Our first pit stops for the day as we waited at one of the local dhaba to feel refreshed with a cutting chai without sugar for me. We saw a majestic pair of white bullocks with sky blue coloured horns, tall and muscular animals. The lone driver had a smile of a thousand words. Must be a proud owner, I thought. Gestured a silent greeting, and he responded. Soon after breakfast, we came upon the monthly animal fair. As if it was in wonderland, picture right out of a storybook. Leena purchased a sounding bell for each of us.

Rs 120.00 for six tinkle bells ting ting ting.

Mangesh spotted a unique temple along the highway on our way back. We reversed our vehicle for a closer examination. It was the Shree Mudayeeedevi mandir in Jalgoan district. It was a 17th-century temple, now protected under the Archeology Survey of India (ASI). As we entered Maharashtra, we also picked up eight sacks of onions from a highway vendor.


List of few places to visit in Burhanpur more details in Explore Burhanpur blog

  • Mumtaz Mahal
  • Jama Masjid
  • Tombs of Nadir Shah and Adil Shah
  • Kundi Bhandara
  • Asirgarh Fort
  • Raja ki Chhatri
  • Ichadevi Temple
  • Bibi ki Masjid
  • Mahal Gulara
  • Moti Mahal


Special thanks for the Burhanpur Road Trip:
Leena and Dhaksha – This trip was awesome all thanks to your contribution
Vaibhav: For the photographs transfer and the unlimited Music
Arundas: For the being the first person to sign up for the trip and motivate me to proceed.
Mangesh: For keeping our hearts alive throughout the trip.

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