Kaas Plateau – Valley of Flowers Maharashtra

Kaas Plateau – Valley of Flowers Maharashtra

Our Journey - Kas Pathar

Kaas Plateau, It was one of the trips to remember. We started our journey from Pune. Kaas Pathar located at125 km from Pune. As it was monsoon, there was some rain, but beautiful greenery and waterfalls on both sides of NH4 kept us fresh all the time. Everyone was super excited to visit Kaas plateau.

After the journey of 2 hours, we reached Satara city. Satara was capital of the Maratha empire in the 17th century. You can easily see the Ajinkya Tara fort from every corner of the town. A road goes to the base of backside of the fort from where one way goes to famous Thoseghar waterfall, and another trail goes to Kaas Pathar. You can experience a beautiful view of Satara city while driving to Kaas Pathar by Yavateshvar Ghat. After the journey of half-hour, we reached Kaas Pathar.

Kaas Pathar God Creation

When we arrived there, we saw the long queue of vehicles and this was frustrating. After spending almost 15 minutes, finally, we reached the central region where flowers bloom on mid-august and September.

When we see that heavenly view of Kaas Pathar, we forgot all the stressful things that we faced and lost into the creation of God. There were colourful flowers of different types, lush greenery, blue sky, fresh breeze air, a little shower of rain and the company of awesome friends.

Wildflowers Fairy Land

We witnessed one of the beautiful creations of God. We explored the whole plateau and got to know about many types of flowers and species. There are about 150-200 different types of flowers and approximately 850 rare species out of which 30 species found only in Kaas region. Of course, this is the best place to capture the photos. I have visited many places where photography is not allowed, but there is not any such barrier like this on Kaas Plateau. We really must take care while exploring because many tourists go and lay down on flowers which harm that flowers species.

Kaas Lake

We tried capturing pictures from the pathway and took care that will not harm any flower species. Also, we visited Kaas lake, which is providing water for many parts of Satara. This lake is not much crowded, which gives peace to mind with its beauty. We enjoyed a lot in this one-day trip. We take many pictures and memories with us, which will last long with us.

I will suggest one must visit this place because I believe in Gayle Foreman’s quote that “Travelling is not something you are good at, its something you do like breathing”. Go and breath onto the fresh breeze air of Kaas plateau and take many memories, pictures and peaceful mind with you back.

Nearby Places to explore after Kaas Plateau

  1. Tapola known as mini Kashmir
  2. Thoseghar waterfall
  3. Ajinkyatara Fort
  4. Sajjangad Fort
  5. Chalkewadi windmill project.


Author - Gorakh Kapase

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