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Rann of Kutch – Your Ultimate Full Moon Night Travel Guide

Rann of Kutch – Your Ultimate Full Moon Night Travel Guide

Great Rann of Kutch

Do you like experiencing different cultures? Or are you in love with going on night trips with family and friends to have fun under the bright full moon sky with twinkling starts? If you say yes, then Rann of Kutch is a must visit place for you. A lot of people come to this place every year to enjoy the charisma of nature - a harmonized assembly of salts and stones, with the pleasant sound of the sea & the deserts thrown here and there.

You might not be aware but the Great Rann of Kutch is the biggest salt desert on this planet and is an exotic journey to be embarked on a full moon night. Also, this place is rather a sensitive region as it is near to the Pakistani border. And so visitors are required to have a written permission to come here.  Moreover, it is easily reachable from the Gujarat Police DSP office in Bhuj.

It’s An Experience of a Lifetime!

Make sure when you go there on the night of full moon, you take out your slippers and walk on your naked feet – you’ll certainly find yourself mumbling under your breadth, it is a heaven like feeling. Well, this is nothing but the miraculous lure of White desert where the little freeze would also stop for a moment.

For your information, The Rann starts becoming dry in October, gradually changes into the isolated and unreal salt desert. And if we talk about the traveller’ period, it continues until March. In addition to this, travel experts advise to make a visit just before the end of the traveller season in March in case you want to avoid intense crowds and have a more tranquil experience.

How to Reach Rann of Kutch?

If you are going by train, then it's most suitable from Mumbai that takes approximately 15 hours. Also, as there is a domestic airport in Bhuj, you can also consider taking a flight from Mumbai. And if you are planning to go by road, you can also take a bus to Bhuj. Buses are accessible from different places in and around Gujarat.

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