Immerse Yourself In Adventure Sports During Your Meghalaya tour

Immerse Yourself In Adventure Sports During Your Meghalaya tour

Glimpse Of Assam With Meghalaya Tour

There was a time when Meghalaya used to be a part of Assam. Now, it has an identity of its own. Meghalaya is to the northeast of India. The name of the place translates to ‘the abode of the clouds.’ Meghalaya also happens to be the wettest place in the world. Naturally, people love the monsoon visit Meghalaya during this season. It is full of natural attractions and many of them are must-see places. Most of the folks living here are tribal people.

Highlights of Meghalaya

  • It is one of the best places in India for adventure tourism.
  • Visit the Mawsmai Caves made of limestone which has been attracting travelers for generations.
  • Try mountaineering, rock climbing, and trekking.
  • Recharge your mind, soul, and senses at the waterfalls and springs.
  • Explore the sacred forest of Mawphlang.

Do you want to travel to a picturesque land and at the same time get involved in water sports? Well, you can have both if you visit Meghalaya. If you want to start a relationship with the clouds, then Meghalaya tour is ideal. The literal meaning of Meghalaya in Sanskrit is “Adobe of the clouds.” This state is ready to offer you a host of surprises. Not only you will get a chance to see the incredible scenery all around you, but you will get exposure to various cultures and at the same time immerse yourself in some adrenaline sporting events.

Myriad offerings

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, has not only a modern outlook but at the same time has managed to maintain its old world charm. As a visitor, you are fortunate enough to experience two different worlds. The state comprises of plateaus and valleys and has extensive rock formations. Go through an Intro of Meghalaya tour, and you will see that this state will not in any way disappoint you.

Unique accommodations

You can pick your Stay at Meghalaya tour from a wide array of delightful accommodations. This hill station has a host of hotels which can cater to any taste of an individual. If you are an ardent lover of nature, then you can choose thatched huts with tribal themes. On the other hand, if you want to have a luxurious retreat, then you can opt for a regal accommodation.

Tourist pull

The Mawsmai Caves are located at a distance of about 6 kilometres from Cherrapunjee. The tourists are left mesmerized when they take a look at the limestone caves. If you are a lover of adventure sports, then this state will allow you to go for mountaineering, rock climbing, and trekking. You can immerse yourself in various Things to do at Meghalaya tour such as kayaking, water skiing, and canoeing. Unwind yourself in the hill station surrounded by waterfalls and natural springs. Pay a visit to the sacred forest of Mawphlang and take note of the fact that trees are worshiped and cared for and cutting of trees is treated as a heinous crime.

What to eat

Culture and traditions are embedded in the Local food at Meghalaya tour. Jadoh is a famous dish which pork lovers adore. A combination of rice with pork, along with the blending of spices gives it a unique flavor. If you want to get your hands into fusion food, then you should try out dohkhlieh. This salad consists of minced meat, chilies, and onions.

Safety tips

Have a stress freetrip by following specific Tips for viewing Meghalaya tour. If you want to travel within the state, keep in mind local buses are few and run at a particular time only. The convenient means of transport is a cab. It is a wise idea to be within the hotel by 9 pm because all the store shutters are down by this time.

Other noteworthy places

Do not miss out on the chances of viewing other famous places near Meghalaya tour such as living root bridges in the dense forests from either Mawlynnong or Cherrapunji. You can stay in a tree-house built on stilts by the local community to catch a glimpse of the Cleanest Village in Asia. Make your vacation enjoyable by conducting a detailed study on the net.

Travel options

Travel options

Get comprehensive information about Reaching Meghalaya tour by air, train, or by road by researching on the web. You can consider the following guidelines while planning your trip.

  • By air

Umroi airport is located at a distance of 35 kilometers from the city of Shillong. If you opt for this airport then for the rest of the trip you will need to book a taxi. If the budgetary constraint is holding you back, then you can avail of state-operated buses. You can also catch a flight to go to GopinathBordoloi Airport in Guwahati. After that, you will be required to hire a cab or board a bus to Shillong. You can avail of helicopter services too. Not only are they convenient but they are easy on the pocket also.

  • Other options

The state does not have a railway station. You can get off at Guwahati and then hire a shared cab to go to any nearby place. The bus timings are in sync with the train timings. Road connectivity is incredible in this state, and interconnecting highways are establishing a link between Shillong and Guwahati.

Best season

The Best time to go at Meghalaya tour is between October to June. The temperature of most of the touristy places in the state hovers around 30 degree Celsius. If you want to escape the scorching heat of this nation during the summer months, then Meghalaya is the place where you should plan your retreat. The state receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, so it is best to avoid the peak monsoon.