Gir Lion Safari

Gir Lion Safari

Gir National Park- Safari Travel Guide

Gir Lion Safari Overview

Gir National Park is the final bastion of the Asiatic Lions. You won’t find them anywhere else in the continent of Asia, let alone the rest of the world. However, the lions of Gir aren’t the only attraction of this place. By visiting Gir, you bring yourself to such a place which plays a significant role. It preserved, sustained, and ensured the existence and survival of the Asiatic Lions. The Nawab of Junagadh was the first to recognize the importance of saving the lions.

Highlights of Gir National Park

  • Let adrenaline flow through your veins as you delve deep into the jungle on a powerful vehicle.
  • Chase the lions through the jungle.
  • Witness the kings of the jungle lying idly or on the prowl.
  • If you are lucky then you may even spot lion cubs.
  • Keep your eyes on the sky and the trees to spot exotic birds.

Do you want to see the lions in their natural habitat? Then a lion safari offers a magnificent opportunity. Watch the lions in the protected ecosystem by opting for a Gir Lion Safari. If you have the desire to look at the gigantic Asiatic lions, then you should include Gir National Park in your itinerary.

Brief synopsis

Get an Intro of Gir Lion Safari tour before finalizing your trip. The Gir National Park is located in the western part of India in the state of Gujarat. It is also referred to as SasanGir or Gir Forest. This wildlife sanctuary was set up in the year 1965. It is not only the dwelling place of Asiatic lions but also serves as home to numerous other wildlife creatures. The total area is around 1412 square kilometres.  It is located about 60 kilometres to the south-west of Amreli and approximately 65 kilometres to the southeast of Junagadh.

How to reach there

Reaching Gir Lion Safari is easy because numerous modes of transport are available. You can reach Gir forest by road, rail or flight. The near most airports are Ahmedabad, Diu, and Rajkot. The convenient way to reach to Sasan Gir from any of these airports is by hiring a taxi. The closest major railway station is at Junagadh which is well connected with all the leading cities. It is an hour and a half driving distance from Junagadh to Sasan Gir. If you are on a tight budget, then you can skip the taxi and commute by public bus.

Where you can stay

You can pick your Stay at Gir Lion Safari in any of the hotels available under various types of budgets. Run a check online on the different accommodations available at Sasan Gir and get details about their facilities.

Best time to visit

The Gir National Park draws heavy traffic from December to March. Keep in mind that during the peak season the queues are long and the area gets extremely crowded. Though it is hot during the months of March to May the chances of viewing wildlife, especially lions, are higher during this time of the year because they come out in search of water. Inside the park, there are three timing slots for jeep safaris. The duration of the safari is three hours. The timings are at 6:30 am, 9:00 am, and 3 pm. The Best time to go to Gir Lion Safari is the morning because the lions are the most active at this time.

Jungle safari

Among the multiple Things to do at Gir Lion Safari, you can enjoy watching wildlife and birds. These safaris are designed in such a way so that you end up with a memorable experience. Lions are found in the deepest part of the forest, and so a safari will be able to give you an opportunity of spotting them. You can see a lot of lions in the Gir Interpretation Zone.

Gorging on the local food

If you want to stay in the vicinity of this national park, then you can book the hotels on the banks of Hiran River. You will get access to local Gujarati food. The food is primarily vegetarian with a touch of sweetness. You will be able to leave all the stress behind while gorging on the delicious Local food at Gir Lion Safari amid picturesque surroundings.

Travel tips

Make your Gir forest trip an unforgettable one by taking Tips for viewing Gir Lion Safari into consideration. You should obtain permits well in advance so as to avoid any last-minute hiccup. You can apply for advance booking with the help of the online medium. You should not make any attempt to disturbing the animals. You should be involved in intrusive photography. Avoid picking any plants during your jungle safari.

Nearby places

An important pilgrimage site for the Hindus is Somnath temple. You can even go to the Krishna temple at Dwarka. Get ready to be transported to the Nawab era by dropping in at Darbar Hall Museum in DiwanChowk. Make it a point to see other famous places near Gir Lion Safari so that you end up with an extraordinary travel experience.