Meghalaya The abode of clouds

Meghalaya The abode of clouds

Meghalaya, India

Meghalaya lies in India's northeastern region. Meghalaya shares Assam's north and east boundary and Bangladesh's south and west border. Meghalaya, one of India's most spectacular state, has two nature reserves and three sanctuaries for wildlife. It features many possibilities for adventure tourism, including mountaineering, climbing rock, hiking or even trekking, water sports. Some of the most unique and untouched places to visit Meghalaya which one must visit are as follow.


Laitlum Canyon

Laitlum implies "end of hills" which is situated from Shillong only about an hour away. The valley offers a breathtaking view of the lush green hills that gives a feel of Scottish Hills. You can even use the stairs to pursue a tiny rural Rasong village.


Mawlynnong Village

Mawlynnong, situated in Meghalaya's East Khasi Hills, also known as God's garden, earned the 2003 acclamation of being Asia's cleanest village. The village renowned for its cleanliness is about 90 kilometers from Shillong and is an eco-tourism initiative based on society.


Living Roots Bridge

Villagers in Meghalaya, India have invented a distinct method of building that harnesses nature in its purest form-they build their living bridges! The West Jaintia Hills & East Khasi Hills are known even to have living root bridges. The longest recognized example of a living root bridge at more than 50 meters in length is near the small Khasi town of Pynursla.



Dawki located around an hour from Mawlynnong. Dawki is the center of attraction and is just 2 Km away from Bangladesh border and is also Gateway to Bangladesh. Umngot is the most famous river which one might have seen the photo of a floating boat. It's possible to go on a picturesque boat ride along the river, which is said to be one of the cleanest on earth. Bophill Falls Jowai is one of the best places to visit once you visit Dawki.


Nartiang Monoliths

There are many mysterious monoliths spread across the Khasi, and Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya erected as a sign of remembrance by the tribes of the areas.

Nartiang Monoliths

Caves of Meghalaya

A significant amount of caves in the districts of Jaintia, Khasi Hills and Garo in Meghalaya, India, and are among the world's longest caves. The Meghalaya Caves presently explored for science and recreational purposes.