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Dandeli River Rafting and Wildlife Sanctuary

Dandeli River Rafting and Wildlife Sanctuary

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Dandeli Tourism - Enjoy Adventure Activities in Dandeli

Dandeli tour is the admixture of the hills of Western Ghats of Karnataka and the breathtaking views of Goa. Travellers get to experience the best of both these places at Dandeli. The location of this travel destination is in the northern region of Karnataka. Dandeli is as much a hill station as a town. Though previously unknown, Dandeli is now the rising star among adventurous travel destinations in India.

About Dandeli

As an Intro of Dandeli tour, it is a small town situated on the northern section of Karnataka. Its wildlife sanctuary brought in most of its fame. The trails inside the dense forests of Dandeli will lead you to the majestic black panthers. Apart from these big cats, the wildlife sanctuary is also the home of monkeys, elephants, and exotic birds. There are some interesting stories regarding the name of this place. Don’t forget to find out more about it on the web.

How to reach

There is no direct path to Dandeli. However, that should prove to be problematic in Reaching Dandeli tour. First of all, you have to reach Karnataka from your location. If you board an aeroplane, then your destination will be the airport of Hubli. Dandeli is about fifty-six kilometers from this airport. For train travellers, the best route is from the Alnavar junction. You can hire cabs or buses to Dandeli from this station. Otherwise, buses are available to Dandeli from every city at Karnataka.

Accommodation facilities

As already mentioned, Dandeli is coming up in the world of Indian adventure tourism destinations. There are many hotels and Dandeli resorts here. You can choose one based on your budget. This place is for all, so you will surely find budget hotels as well. The best thing about Staying at Dandeli tour is that you can reside inside the forests. Yes, there are bungalows, guesthouses, and resorts in the wilderness.

When to go

Like many other places in India, there is no specific best time to go at Dandeli tour. Every season has something unique to offer to travellers. However, the months between October and January remain the busiest. It is the post-monsoon period, and the forests look lively during this time. Between February and May, the trees begin to dry up and shed their leaves. It is the time when tribal people harvest their crops. The monsoon season sets in between June and September.

What to do

Among all the Things to do at Dandeli tour, rafting in the Kali River is the most famous. Apart from that, you should consider spending a few nights inside the jungles of Dandeli. The ‘big five’ creatures that prowl the forests here are elephants, bison, black panthers, leopards, and tigers. Just imagine the thrill of sharing the wilderness with these bloodthirsty beasts. Dandeli River Rafting is famous among thrill-seekers across Karnataka. You can also combine Dandeli Tour with a trek to Dudhsagar Waterfall. How much more adventure can you handle?

What to eat

There isn’t any particular Local food at Dandeli tour that you must try. However, the restaurants here are superb, and their services are commendable. Most of the eateries here are classy and offer full-course meals. Almost all restaurants are multi-cuisine ones. So, you won’t have to stick to the same meals all the time. Don’t forget to try kachori and samosa for breakfast. Those are the favorites of locals and tourists alike.

Important points

Since you will be entering forests full of wild animals, there are a few crucial Tips for viewing Dandeli tour. You must blend in with your surroundings. Don’t make any unnecessary sounds or wear bright clothes. Keep your spotlights and flashes in your bags. You’ll end up startling the animals by using them. You should never attempt to feed wild animals. Otherwise, they may depend on you for food. It will hamper their habits and possibly agitate them as well.

Other places

There is no reason for you to think about Other famous places near Dandeli tour. This place is more than adept in hooking a tourist’s attention. Still, you can think about visiting other parts of Karnataka.

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