All That You Wanted To Know About Coorg Tour

All That You Wanted To Know About Coorg Tour

Coorg tourist places

Coorg tourist places, Kodagu is the official name of Coorg and it is an astonishing piece of land in the southern Indian peninsula. Coorg earned the title of being the ‘country of million hills.’ It is on the slopes of the Western Ghats and is also the biggest producer of coffee in India. The landlocked country of Coorg is inaccessible via trains or flights. Coorg is the name of a district and not a town or a city.

Highlights of Coorg

  • Visit Coorg and take a break from the hectic life of cities.
  • Go camping the wilderness and stay under Mother Nature’s caring shade.
  • Sleep under the open sky and witness mesmerizing views of the night sky.
  • Let adrenaline replace the blood of your veins with river rafting at Barapole.
  • Stand face to face with elephants, the largest mammals at Dubare. They are exceptionally calm, friendly, and adorable, especially baby elephants.

It is along the slopes of the Western Ghats in Karnataka where you go for Coorg tour. According to some people, Coorg is the ‘Scotland of India.’ This place is alluring mainly because it perfectly amalgamates adventure, history, great food, and luxury. Coorg offers relaxing spas to challenging treks. After completing a day’s ventures, you get to eat homemade chocolate truffles and spicy curries.

About Coorg

Do you want an Intro of Coorg tour? Then you should know that it is indeed a piece of ‘Scotland in India.’ The place features lush greenery, breathtaking waterfalls, forested hills, and landscapes that ooze a mysterious mist. If you are after such a destination, then you should head to Coorg. The best way to get there as fast as possible is if you travel from Bangalore. This topic will include all other modes and pathways for reaching there.

Getting there

As already mentioned, Reaching Coorg tour is easiest if you travel from Bangalore. Buses of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation operate regularly from Mysore, Mangalore, and Bangalore. The rail station located closest to Coorg is the Mysore Junction. However, you have to avail taxis or buses to get to Coorg from there. Since Coorg doesn’t have any airports, you have to land at Mangalore and arrange for further transportation.

Staying at Coorg

Bestowed with the mind-boggling beauty of nature, Coorg is a popular holiday destination in India. Naturally, are many places for you to Stay at Coorg tour. The Viventa Taj Resort is a high-end star-rated hotel situated at four thousand feet above sea level. Of course, if you don’t want to spend too much on accommodation, then you have to look for budget hotels. Since Coorg is a travel destination for all, you will surely come across affordable hotel rooms.

The right moment

The temperature ranges between fifteen and twenty-degree-centigrade throughout the year. Therefore, it is safe to assume that there is no particular Best time to go at Coorg tour. It remains perfect for tourists almost always. In spite of that, most people prefer visiting between October and March. Adventure activities become more enjoyable than usual during this time. Due to heavy rainfall, tourists avoid Coorg from June to September.

What to do

People visit Coorg primarily to get relief from city life. One of the best Things to do at Coorg tour is camping in the wilderness. Sleeping under an open sky laden with innumerable stars is an exceptional experience. Another adventurous activity which attracts tourists is river rafting at Barapole. You should also check out the elephant camp at Dubare. Seeing the largest terrestrial animals up close is another mind-blowing experience.

What to eat

The Local food at Coorg tour reflects the history and geographical setting of the place. The fertile valleys of Coorg support rice plantations well. Naturally, rice is a staple among the dishes to try here. The delicacies here are quite spicy and will satisfy the ones who can handle hotness. The aromatic curries served here contain chicken, pork, and meat as the primary ingredients. Chefs spice things up with coconut, cardamom, and other condiments.

Dos and don’ts

Among Tips for viewing Coorg tour, it is crucial to mention that you shouldn’t underestimate the high altitude. The temperature can drop drastically at times, especially between October and February. Then again, the summer sun can be unbearable at high altitudes. So, if you visit between March and May, you must bring caps and sunscreen. You must invest in good shoes as they will come in handy while trekking. Don’t forget to bring a camera and a tripod if photography appeals to you.

Other places

There are lots of locations to explore at Coorg. They include coffee plantations, waterfalls, hills, elephant camps, and more. So, it won’t be necessary for you to search for Other famous places near Coorg tour. Apart from being one of the best places for coffee, ’Coor’s reputation also comes from its pulpy and juicy oranges.