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An Inclusive Guide To Chikmagalur Tour

An Inclusive Guide To Chikmagalur Tour

Chikmagalur Tourism (2019) | Trekking Spots, Places to Visit & Tour

Chikmagalur Tour & Tourism Guide


Chikmagalur is in Karnataka and it is quite an exciting hill station. It exhibits untouched nature with greenery in every corner. The pleasant environment lets everyone escape from the noisy city streets. Trekking and sightseeing in Chikmagalur are two reasons why tourists from all over India flock here. It goes without saying that the town and its people feel blessed due to their location in the lap of the mighty Western Ghats.

Highlights of Chikmagalur

  • Feel the difference at the Kudremukh National Park.
  • Enjoy trekking at Mullayanagiri.
  • Walk through the tea plantations at Chimagalur.
  • Witness the magnificent Hebbe Falls.
  • Climb the Chandra Drona Parvata or Datta Peeta.
  • Explore Kemmangundi.
  • See the Kalhatti Falls and allow nature to engross you.
  • Enter into wilderness at the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Pay homage to the Gods at Sharadamba Temple.

People, who undertake Chikmagalur tour, fall in love with the pleasant atmosphere of the place. The relatively cold climate compliments the valleys laden with coffee plantations. This picturesque destination is on the bucket list of numerous coffee enthusiasts and nature lovers. The serene town of Chikmagalur used to be a melting pot of different cultures. There are several attractions to explore in the vicinity of Chikmagalur.

About Chikmagalur

You already got an Intro of Chikmagalur tour from the information mentioned above. This place has been luring tourists for a long time with its everlasting beauty. Chikmagalur is a combination of lush green landscapes, rolling valleys, scintillating rivers, and aromatic coffee gardens. There are several attractions of Chikmagalur, among which Mullayanagiri is particularly popular. It offers tourists the opportunity to experience adventurous trekking through nature trails.

How to reach

Chikmagalur is an exceptionally soothing travel destination situated at the foothills of the Mullayanagiri range. Reaching Chikmagalur tour can be a bit challenging via flights and train. The nearest airport to Chikmagalur is at Mangalore, around one hundred and thirteen kilometers away. Chikmagalur doesn’t have its own rail station either, and the nearest one is at Kadur, about forty kilometers away. Of course, you can hire prepaid taxis from both Mangalore airport and Kadur rail station. Roadway traveling is the best option if you can reach Bangalore, Mangalore, Hassan, or Hubli.

Where to stay

Since this place attracts tourists from all over India, there are plenty of hotels for you to choose from. Among hotels to Stay at Chikmagalur tour, there are classy star-rated hotels as well as budget accommodation facilities. If you are after home-stay, then Chikmagalur isn’t going to disappoint. There is one home-stay building constructed in 1934. The house is more than just a place for tourists to stay. It features rare paintings, antique furniture pieces, artifacts, chandeliers, dolls, carpets, and more.

When to go

The lushness of Chikmagalur reaches its peak between June and September. The monsoon during this period rejuvenates Chikmagalur and gives it an inviting appearance. Undoubtedly, it is the Best time to go at Chikmagalur tour. However, if the monsoon bothers you then consider visiting between September and May. Summer begins in March and continues to May. The temperature in summer rises but remains below thirty-five-degree centigrade.

What to do

The first one among Things to do at Chikmagalur tour includes trekking at Mullayanagiri. Travelers come to Chikmagalur primarily to traverse this path through nature’s breast. Another trekking route to follow is the Kudremukh route. It boasts of being the Heaven of South India. Apart from these two trekking routes, you can take part in camping at Chikmagalur. You should also visit the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and go on a jeep safari through the jungles.

What to eat

The Local food at Chikmagalur tour is part of the Malanadu cuisine. This authentic Kannada cuisine is famous for its spiciness and richness. They flavor their dishes with coconut milk. The people there include rice and fish curry in their diet as staple food items. Some of the popular dishes worth trying here are Kakadu, Akki roti, Nendranga chips, etc. Typical North Indian dishes are also available here.

Important considerations

There isn’t much to abide by when you visit this place. However, there are some essential Tips for viewing Chikmagalur tour, especially in the wildlife sanctuary. Put on the right clothes and avoid all bold prints, polka dots, and loud colors. When you enter the jungles, you should remain calm and composed at all times. Don’t forget to bring cameras because there will be a lot of photography opportunities.

Other locations

Wherever you go, it will be away from the main town. So, you can include everything among Other famous places near Chikmagalur tour. For instance, you can check out the Hebbe falls, which is about ten kilometers away from the city. You should also explore the Baba Budan Giri, also known as Chandra Drona Parvatha.

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