Andharban Forest Trek the banned trek during monsoon

Andharban Forest Trek the banned trek during monsoon


Andharban is known as the Dark Dense Forest as the meaning of Andhar is dark in Marathi and ban means dense forest. Monsoon is the best season to experience the miraculous trail of Andharban Forest. I am so privileged to get an opportunity to lead a trek to Andharban Forest with Treks and Trails India. We started the Trek from Pimpri dam and ended at Bhira Dam covering 13 km distance. Andharban is usually banned for trekking during the peak monsoon seasons.

Marvel of Sahyadri

Andharban is one of my unique experiences of exploring Sahyadri. For obvious reasons that It has lush green Dense Forest, mesmerizing streams, overwhelming waterfalls and a beautiful Hirdi village. If there is a concept of heaven, then Andharban is the heaven of Sahyadri. Where you walk through a hidden impenetrable jungle enveloped in mist, witness magical view of Kundalika valley, explore small and big streams and waterfalls and cross those big streams having a view of valley one side and view of the waterfall on the other side, with Mysterious dark Forest waiting to amaze you with its beautiful surprises.

Makdya - Bokdya

Sometimes it will surprise you with beautiful crossings of Makdya Waterfall, Bokdya waterfall, sometime it will open up to a vibrant and fresh green Hirdi plateau and then lead you to the beautiful Hirdi village and then will challenge you to trek through a narrow slippery rocky patch. While experiencing this heavenly beautiful trail, I was confused about whether I should stop at one place and keep watching this nature's art till my eyes get numb or to keep moving ahead to discover beautiful surprises.

Cherry on the cake

Bhira Dam view at the end of the trek is breathtaking, you can see a glimpse of the legendary Devkund Waterfall. This place is photographers dream come true you can shoot macro subjects, landscapes, waterfalls. Kolad river rafting is powered by the waterfalls of Andharban and Tamhini Ghat. You can club your travel which includes Andharban Monsoon Trek, Devkund Waterfall, Kolad River Rafting, Sudhagad Fort Trek.