First Trek Essentials Required

First Trek Essentials Required

How to pack your bag for trekking

Signed up for your first trek excited to explore beautiful outdoors our list of essentials from our seasoned trekking team will guide you to avoid mistakes and your trekking experience will be amazing.

Important Gear required for trekking and backpacking

Backpack for trekking

  • Two Day backpack & rain cover (40 - 60 liters) with comfortable waist and shoulder straps
  • One Day pack + rain cover 20 - 40 liters
  • Identity proof (must)


Head Gear

  • Head torch with extra batteries - Hand torch an alternative
  • Sun Cap - Sunglasses



  • Two Full Trekking Pants - Quick Dry Material
  • Two T-shirts - Full sleeves - Quick Dry Material
  • Wear dark coloured clothes
  • Avoid wearing white coloured clothes
  • Avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments


Walking Gear

  • Walking stick advisable
  • Trekking shoes with good grip on wet rocks and Waterproof
  • Extra pair of socks compulsory
  • Please avoid wearing sports shoes they have very less grip, Prefer Trekking shoes only
  • Floaters / Flip - flops 1 Pair (Optional) to relax after trek


Water & Food

  • Water bottle / Hydration bag 2 - 3 liters
  • Snacks - Energy bars - Dry fruits - Glucon D - Ors Powder
  • Glucon D / Energy bars


Medicine & Doctor

  • Personal Medical Kit - Please carry First Aid Kit
  • Please visit your Doctor before starting any outdoor trek or activity
  • Sunscreen cream - Hand sanitizer
  • Odomos


Rainwear & Monsoon Precaution

  • Rain Jacket - Poncho - Waterproof pants if you don’t want to get wet
  • Dry Bag or Plastic bag to keep clothes dry
  • Double pack your valuables / phones in plastic bags
  • Carry alternate phone or dry bag for phone and power-bank for charging
  • Heavy Rains are expected, so pack your bags accordingly to save them from getting wet


Be Prepared First Trek


Event Itinerary & Safety First

  • Please read the event itinerary
  • Trekking is a specialist activity please come prepared
  • Check your shoes, make sure your shoes are sturdy repaired ones or old shoes will not last in mountains.
  • While trekking there is no one to impress so please don’t worry about fashion and bring sturdy gear which can survive mountain climate.
  • If you have good gear, there is no need to invest in new gear


Physical - Mental - Medical Preparation

  • Physical and positive frame of mind will help you keep pace.
  • Bring your personal medication and basic first aid
  • Visit a doctor for approval and judge your fitness before enrolling any trekking activity
  • Stay calm during during difficult moments it will help you.
  • Keep leeway in your travel plans just in case, mountain weather can affect your travel plans
  • Don't worry about shoes getting wet while crossing streams or gear getting damage while trekking you can always replace them, but injury will lead to end of trek


How to protect your gear?

  • Rain cover for your backpack will keep your backpack dry and protect it from thorns and rocks.
  • Dry bag / Waterproof kit bag to keep your clothes and gadgets dry and protected
  • Don't walk with your phones or camera in hand one slip and you can damage your expensive gadgets


Be a Cool Traveller

  • Stay Organised by keeping necessary toiletries handy
  • Smile and be courteous with locals and other travellers
  • Learn local greetings Namaste / Julay / Salaam it will help you connect with people.
  • Be environment friendly carry water bottle which can be refilled instead of purchasing bottled water
  • Don't create extra plastic waste with food wrappers always leave the campsite cleaned


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