Goa is a representation of the Sun, Sand, and Sea. But as the summer ends, a trip to Goa during the monsoon season is enchanting. During this season the sunny state changes into an entirely new setting.

Nature spreads its splendor during the monsoon season in the shape of luxuriant vegetation and swiftly running rivers. This is the period to come and witness the alluring Goa monsoon and participate in adventures never experienced before.

White water river rafting in Goa is a well-liked outdoor adventure activity for a group. A crew of six or more people balances an inflatable raft by putting an equal number of people on each side and then uses single-bladed oars to steer it through the river's bends and rapids. Because of the adrenaline it releases, this cooperative activity necessitates extreme degrees of attention and satisfaction.

The best time to enjoy the cool rain and ride the waves of the magnificently dramatic Mhadei River in Goa is from June to October. The captivating Mhadei white water Rafting in Goa is a one-of-a-kind experience. All of this takes place in the breathtaking jungle setting of the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sateri district is home to the Mhadei River, which runs through the village of Valpoi. This river flows through a wildlife reserve with a high level of biodiversity that is protected. Both experienced river rafters and those who have never done it before have been known to love the thrills it has to offer.



Duration of activity: 2 to 3 Hours

Availability: Available from June to October

Minimum age: The minimum recommended is 12 years (This can be discussed with the operator depending upon the difficulty level)


Highlights of this activity:

  • After being transported by one of our vehicles to the river, you meet your guides, 

  • You receive a safety briefing and your equipment and board the rafts to start the roughly 10-kilometer journey. 

  • You are introduced to the names of the rapids of levels 2 and 3.

  •  It’s a group activity hence friends, family, and children over 12 are all welcome.

  •  It's enjoyable and secure.

  • You will also be given a helmet and a life jacket as per international safety standards,

  • The rafts are outfitted with safety and rescue gear.


3 Hours Available on request
Things to Carry
Things to Carry
  • Secure Footwear

  • Sun Caps

  • Day pack upto 30 liters

  • Water bottle and snacks

  • Extra pair of socks

  • Swimwear

  • Towel

  • Mobile cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to go river rafting in Goa?

Yes, it is safe to go river rafting in Goa. However, it is important to take safety precautions such as wearing a lifejacket, being aware of the river's flow and current levels, and following the instructions of the experienced guides.


How much does river rafting in Goa cost?

The cost of river rafting in Goa depends on the operator, location, and duration of the activity. Prices range from around 500 to 3000 rupees per person.


What is the best time to go river rafting in Goa?

The best time to go river rafting in Goa is from October to May, when the water conditions are optimal for a safe and exciting experience. River rafting is not recommended from June to September due to the high monsoon rainfall in this region.


What should I wear for river rafting in Goa?

For river rafting in Goa, you should wear quick-drying clothes, such as a swimsuit, shorts, or leggings, and a lightweight long-sleeve shirt that covers your arms. Wear synthetic or wool socks and a secure pair of water sandals. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. Lastly, always wear a life jacket to stay safe while rafting.