Tahuli Trek


Want to reach to the heart of Maharashtra? Try Tahuli trekking and you would never go wrong exploring its old build forts.The trekking experience will make you relate to the adventurous sport as well as with the unspoken history of forts.

If you are a mountaineer or a trekker then Maharashtrian forts will offer full throttle of trekking without burning hole in your pocket.

Bits about Tahuli

Tahuli is not one of the spot which is not very crowded, that's what makes it even more beautiful. Not much of the people know about this location, so it is less explored.

The places near to Tahuli are very crowded amongst trekkers. So, if you are looking forward to peaceful trekking then you can always trek at this location.

Tahuli is misunderstood as a fort but, actually, Tahuli Mountain contains pinnacles.

Tahuli comes under the region of Kajrat, Panvel, and Karjat. If you want to challenge your trekking skills, then you can always reach to highest pinnacles of Tahuli. There are three famous pinnacles in Tahuli and the highest one is the most challenging one.

Attraction around Tahuli

While trekking through Tahuli Mountain you can always derive the pleasure to see the Ashram of Gaadge Baba Maharaj.

The mesmerizing beauty of the uppermost part of the plateau known as "Dadimaa Tahuli" is a must- see thing. There you can see five Islamic holy places and a small house opposite to it.After two hours of sweaty trekking; you will reach to the base of pinnacles, one known as 'Daood' and other as 'Baman'.

The Tahuli mountain ranges are surrounded by the green lush, dense forest. And the trekkers cannot avoid the scenic beauty of beautiful green carpet while walking between the flowers on the walkway.

If you are a nature lover then mountains of Tahuli will give you an awesome experience of nature. In your visit to Tahuli, go to Shree Malang fort, Chanderi fort, Mhaismaal for sure.

The beautiful waterfalls and expert trekking guidance double up the fun. Trekkers have always loved clicking the pictures sitting or lying in the laps of nature.


Why Tahuli?


Though the mountains are a bit difficult to reach but once you make to the top, it’s nothing less than paradise. Many trekkers do not know about Panch Peer and Dadima Tahuli that is near to the mountain of Badlapur – Ambernath. The beauty of the hills lies in their unique peak that are hard to ignore.

This will not only bliss your mind off but also gives you a breath-taking view from the top.

Reaching to Tahuli is easy because the base village Kalyan lies on the central line. And you can easily reach your camp in forty minutes just by paying a very minimal amount.

The best time to visit these mountains is during the month of July because the water seems to look crystal clear and shiny in small streams. The strong summer rays do dry up the streams but many of them remain intact. It takes almost three hours to reach to Panch Peer. These unique peaks in the Sahyadri mountain ranges are spectacular and sparsely visited by people.

The Dadima offers you the best place to stay with easy cooking facilities in the open-air kitchen.

So, get set, trek!

1 Day Available on request
1 Day