In summer, an adventurous activities like trekking is always fun. The delightful sun rays falling on the green grounds make trekking experience even exciting and memorable. If you are looking for or a trekking option that is both affordable yet enticing, then you can never go wrong with Siddhagad Bhimashankar Trek. In summer, trekking between these beautiful locations can also get you lucky to see wildlife. 

While passing through the nearby Kondwal village, you can also see a gigantic waterfall. Apart from all the greenery, trekkers can also see leopards and tigers in Bhimashankar forest sanctuary that is famous for its Maharashtra's state animal such as Indian giant squirrel or 'Shekru.' The beauty of these hills will mesmerize you. 


The History That Offers You Trekking Pleasure 

in Siddhagad, there are many but few remnants of the forts that battled between British and Maratha's Army. The Siddhagad Bhimashankar trek takes you to the history of Forts built around a thousand years ago. The location of Siddhagad seems to be a difficult one and Britishers could not reach there. Hence cannons were bought till the plateau and then Siddhagad via Pune- Bhimashankar route. While all this work happening, the villagers also witness how shells cannon fired to destroy Siddhagad in those times. The local people mention that these cannons can still found in the dense forest of Damdamia. 


Why trek from Siddhagad To Bhimashankar 

The main reasons for people to trek there is, Bhimashankar offers the pleasure to witness one of the 12 Jyotirlingas situated in the north of Pune, a nearby bank of the river. Bhimashankar always works like magic on nature lovers, jungle lovers and the right destination for pilgrims. The surrounding sanctuaries are home for a myriad of animals and endangered subspecies. 

Guide for making your way and its main attractions Trekking to the main gate of the Siddhagad fort is challenging and trekking.it is quite tricky, additionally, it takes about three to four hours to reach. The first half of trekking till the Wadi village base is fun and the rest of the portion brings out the real fun, as you have to go through the dense jungle of Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. 

The cold and foggy weather always seems friendly to spot and explore other nearby forts such as Karnala Fort, Manikgad Fort, Kothaligad Fort, and Bhimashankar Fort. The Bhima river originated from Bhimashankar were you can see a Lord Shiva Temple which is around 1200-1400 old. The temple depicts a beautiful sculpture and painting on its pillars and roof. This temple having a magnificent view. 

One who loves the natural beauty and wildlife, can always come and visit this beautiful range to rejuvenate and get their lost history revived. The place gives its visitors a mirror image to analyze and paint pictures of traditional royalties and kingdoms. And the best time to visit this range is in monsoon or post-monsoon as its lush green carpet with the foggy view from the top is breathtaking and fun to enjoy with your family or friends



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