About Satpura National Park

The Satpura National park, Madhya Pradesh established in 1981 in the Hoshangabad district, and it covers about 1427 square km, which includes the core and buffer zones and also Bori and Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary. The park got its name from the Satpura mountain range that found in the sanctuary. The park is among the most mesmerizing landscapes in India. 

Satpura Tiger Reserve surrounded by ravines, gorges, and dense forests. The park has a spike in the population of Leopard in recent years, and they are boldly roaming around the park in broad daylight. One of the highlights of the park is the Sal forest that will surely leave you mesmerized no matter how many forests in the country that you have explored.


  • Closest Airport: Bhopal Airport 92 km
  • Closest Railway Station: Pipariya 164 km


Satpura National Park Itinerary

Day One - Welcome to Piparia and First Evening Wildlife Safari

We will use a private car to pick you from Piparia and transfer you to the park. You will then check-in and relax in the resort before the lunch period. After lunch, we will gear up and embark on the first wildlife safari. We will then be back in the resort in the evening in time for dinner. You can then relax after dinner for the next day's activities.


Day Two - Enjoy Two wildlife Safari with ample chance to photograph and witness wildlife. 

You will take your breakfast early in the morning, or you pack them with you on the second wildlife safari to save time. We will be back in the resort before lunch so you can rest and have your dinner. After lunch, we will go on the third wildlife safari and be back in the evening for dinner and rest.


Day Three - Last Safari of the trip and Wildlife Safari Trip ends with Happy Memories 

We will go for the fourth wildlife safari early in the morning, and when we are back, you will be checked out. After having lunch, you will then be transferred by private vehicle to Piparia as the tour concludes.

The rate chart for this itinerary, considering it is six people per gypsy are listed below.

  • The economy hotel cost RS 11000 onwards
  • The deluxe resort cost Rs. 12500 onwards
  • The luxury resort costs Rs. 14000 onwards.


Biodiversity of Satpura National Park

Flora of Satpura Tiger Reserve

The park is very rich in diverse vegetation, and the most predominant species in the forest are Teak and Sal. The park is a densely forested area and divided into three major groups, which are moist deciduous, central Indian sub-tropical hill forest, and dry deciduous. The highlight of the park is that it houses 1190 species of angiosperms, which belongs to 127 families and 633 genera, with most of them unidentified. Some of the plants found here are Saal, Bamboos, Teak, Tendu, and so on. The park is rich with 62 different species of trees, 64 grass species, 32 climber species, 30 small trees, and 58 shrub species. The park also houses numerous exotic and rare species of plants that you can explore.


Fauna of Satpura National Park

Satpura Tiger Reserve enriched with life. Home to 250 kinds of birds, 51 varieties of butterflies, 30 classes of reptiles, and 51 types of mammals.Types of mammals found at Satpura National Park are wild boar, tigers, spotted deer, leopards, Indian Gaur, Wild dog or Dhule, Sloth Bear, Pangolin, Four-horned antelopes, giant squirrel, Indian civet, Smooth otter, barking deer and many more. Some of the endemic species that you will find in the park are flying squirrels, Indian giant squirrels, and rhesus monkeys. Although the tiger spotting may not be as prominent as other national parks in the country, you will surely be amazed by its wealth of wildlife.


Weather in Satpura National Park

The summer season is usually between March to June, and the temperature can go as high as 40 degrees during day time. The peak summertime is between May and June, and heatwaves accompany it. The monsoon period begins in July and till October. The winter season is from November to February, and the temperature can go as low as 4 degrees in the morning and 15 degrees during the daytime.


2 Nights 3 Days Available on request
Wildlife Safari Tour
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