Panna National Park found in Chhatarpur district located in Madhya Pradesh, and it is among the most mesmerizing parks in India. The park is just about 37 km from Khajuraho, and the area it is located is popularly known for its diamond mines. The park features dense forests with an enormous Ken River passing through the wood which is the lifeline of the park. The park stretches over 1645 sq.km of land, 542 sq.km is the core while the remaining serves as a buffer. It is Madhya Pradesh fifth Tiger Reserve announced in the year 1994. 

The year 2009 was considered a dark year in the park as the whole population of Tiger was wiped out because of the extensive poaching at the park. Panna Tiger Park now boasts of housing about 35 tigers that are thriving. Mainly because of the extensive efforts of the Forest Department and wildlife experts.


How to reach Panna National Park

By Train: Satna Railway Station located 70 km away, and Jhansi Railway Station is 176 km

By Airport: Khajuraho 35 km



Panna Tiger Reserve Wildlife Safari Itinerary

Day 1

We will meet at the resort by 1 pm, where you will check-in, and we introduce each other to the group while taking lunch. After lunch, we will then gear up and go for the first wildlife safari in the park. Conveyed back to the resort in the evening where we will have a group discussion about the trip while you also have your dinner. You will then rest for the next day.


Day 2

You will wake up early in the morning to go for the second safari in the park. You can take your breakfast soon before we go or you pack them along with you on the safari ride. On this tour, you will get to enjoy the cool morning breeze with mind-blowing scenery, and you can also get lucky to spot some tigers. We will then head back to the resort for lunch. After lunch, we will then go on the third safari in the jungle for another sightseeing before returning to the resort in the evening. We will then have a group dinner with post-dinner experience to talk about the activities before lights out.


Day 3

You will also have to wake up early in the morning so that we can go on the fourth safari in the jungle to track more cats. You are also going to see birds and get a lot of opportunities to take pictures of the biodiversity in the park. We will also explore the lake area to spot wildlife and gharials before we then return to the resort to relax and freshen up. You will then check out of the resort, and the tour will come to an end.


The rate chart for this itinerary considering there are six people per Gypsy are listed below

  • For an economy hotel, it will cost Rs. 13000 onwards
  • For a deluxe resort, it will cost Rs. 14500 onwards
  • For a luxury resort, it will cost Rs. 16500 onwards


Biodiversity Panna Wildlife Safari

The park has a stunning landscape, and dry and deciduous forests surround it. Most of the vegetation found at the park is sal and teak. You are also going to find Kardhai in the eastern part of the park. The park also features enormous grasslands that are similar to the savannah. Although the highlight of the park is the TigerTiger, you are also going to find other animals like leopards, hyenas, foxes, wild dogs, sloth bears, deer, nilgai, jackals, gaur, and lots more.


You are also going to spot more than 200 species of birds in the park, and this includes numerous migratory birds. Some of the birds that you will find at the park are crested serpent eagles, vultures, honey buzzards, francolins, storks, bar-headed goose, etc. There is also a plethora of reptiles and amphibian animals in the park waiting to be discovered.


Famous Panna Tiger

The most popular Tiger in the park is T1. Brought from Bandhavgarh National Park to rebuild Tiger numbers in the Tiger Reserve. She gave birth to four cubs in 2010. Half of them managed to survive and help regrow tiger density in the park. She is very famous during tiger safari and forest guides' favorite. T1 has given birth to more cubs in the past few years who are increasing tiger numbers in Panna Tiger Park.




Panna Safari gates and Panna booking

The park features two gates where you can enjoy safari drive in the forest, and they are listed below.

  • Mandla
  • Hinouta

You are going to find jeep safaris and Gypsy in the park that you can join if you are planning to explore the wildlife in the park. The timings of safari in the park depend mainly on sunrise and sunset.


Morning Jeep is between 6 am, and 11 am, and entry is usually allowed until 8 am.

The afternoon jeep is between 3 pm and 6 pm, and entry is usually allowed till 4:30 pm.


Things to know Panna Tiger Safari 

You will need to register on the gate for entry into the park while you then pay for the entrance fee. Wildlife Safari enthusiasts need to plan their Tiger Safari Tour due to limited numbers of jeeps permit available. Kindly call us to book your Tiger Safari in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments. 

A park guide will also accompany the jeep as regulation, and you will also have to pay for this service. You will also have to pay for the Gypsy separately.

You cannot get down from the vehicle while on a safari. The park guide knows all the rules and regulations for tiger safari, and you will need to follow his instructions so that you can abide by the laws and regulations of the park.

You will also need to show identification documents before you can enter through the gates. Tourists can show documents like passport, pan card, driving license, and so on while international tourists will need to show their original passport.


Weather Panna Tiger Safari

The park is usually sweltering and dry during the summer, and its temperature is generally between 40-45 degrees. However, it is typically cold during the winter months, and the temperatures can be between 4-5 degrees. The Monsoon season is usually from June to September.

2 Nights 3 Days Available on request
Wildlife Safari Tour
2-4 Days