Pangong Lake - The Indelible Camping Experience

The hustle and bustle of city life make many people wonder about leaving everything and move to the mountains. It is easier said than done. You may not do that any time soon. However, nothing stops you from enjoying the tranquillity of wilderness and free space. The Pangong Lake is the highest saltwater lake in the world which is located at just over 14000 ft in Leh. It an ideal match for your search for some peacetime. The pristine deep blue lake in the Himalayas stretches from India to Tibet. 

You can add more richness to your trip here by opting for an overnight camp stay. The camping at Pangong Lake is an unforgettable adventure. There are many good camping sites here. They offer comfortable beds, hot soups, and delicious meals. The bonfire and music at night add divine flavour to your stay. 

Things To Do

This 134 Km long mirror lake is a treat for your eyes. The tourists can indulge in the following enticing things on their visit to Pangong Lake. 

  • Camping

The magnificent view of the lake is best captured from the cosy little tents in the campsites. 

  • Savouring the Ladakhi Dishes

The camps and local huts serve delicious local meals and some great tea. Eating Maggi is very common here and can be ordered at every hook and corner. 

  • Visit Khardungla Pass 

The highest motorable road is situated at a staggering 17600 ft and a highly recommended spot.

  • Spot the Rare Marmots

The region around Pangong Lake is known to host rare endemic species ‘Marmots’. They live underground in the hidden potholes. You can check out a very popular Marmot site just 25 Km before Pangong Lake.

  • Spot the Migratory Birds

The lake is an important spot for many migratory birds. It is advisable to carry a spare wide-angle lens for your camera if you are an avid bird lover. 

Best Season to Visit 

Pangong lake is about 130 Km from Leh. The road to Pangong Lake from Leh crosses the renowned Changla Pass, at 17590 ft, the military towns Tangtse and Durbuk, and many other picturesque locations. The best time to experience this region is from early May to mid-October. The roads are covered in snow during the rest of the months. 

The Recent Ban on Camping At Pangong Lake

The recent decision to ban all the camping activities at Pangong Lake is definitely heartbreaking news. The ruling comes in the backdrop of the rising pollution in and around the lake. The local authorities want to preserve the lake and stop any further degradation. However, the tourist season of the year 2019 witnessed camping activities as usual. It is now to be seen what happens in the year 2020. Tourism is the main income source for Ladakhi people and a ban on camping may result in disappointment in the local people.

The lake changing colours into Green, Red, and Blue is a spectacle in itself. The beauty of this lake fused with the awesome camping time is an out of the world experience. The tourists must also keep in mind that the region is ecologically very sensitive. Any attempt of polluting the local environment here should be discouraged. The Pangong Lake in the backdrop of the mighty snow-clad mountains is a must-visit holiday destination.

4 Nights Available on request