Mrugagad Fort is a one day trek. Located near Bheliv village in Sudhagad taluka, Raigad District Maharashtra. The base village of Mrugagad Fort is Bheliv village. The Fort is also known as Bhelivcha Killa, named from the base village of the fort. Mrugagad Fort is 1750 feet above sea level and a medium grade level trek. Mrugagad Fort established in the Western Sahyadri Ranges, Maharashtra. The Fort located near Falyan village. Mainly used as a watchtower, the contour of the hill is such that no fortification was required a natural fortress. Mrugagad Fort is very close Khopoli, Lonavala, Khandala ideal for trekkers from Mumbai and Pune. 

Mrugagad Fort Information 

  1. Mrugagad Fort type natural hill fort 
  2. Mrugagad Fort height 1750 feet 
  3. Mrugagad Fort Bheliv base village 
  4. Mrugagad Fort Trek distance 1.8 km one way 
  5. Mrugagad Fort trek duration is 1.5 hours one way and one hour to explore the fort 
  6. Mrugagad Fort total ascent will be 750 feet from the base village. 
  7. Please carry water and packed lunch for this trek
  8. The best season to visit Mrugagad Fort will be monsoon and winter.
1 Day Available on request
Frequently Asked Questions

About Mrugagad History

Mrugagad Fort does not have a much-known history. Umberkhind, located near Mrugagad Fort used during the battle between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and General Kartalab Khan. The Marathas decisively crushed the Mughal forces at Umberkhind. This battle was a great example of Guerrilla warfare. Waghdari and Umbherkhind are the villages seen from the top of the Fort.  

Mrugagad fort is in the form of a spur radiating from western ghats. Its natural beauty is still instinct because its one of the less-visited forts in Maharashtra. Mrugagad Fort trek known as battlefield trek as it closeby to Umberkhind. Mrugagad Killa was used to keeping an eye on these areas and their surroundings.


How to reach Mrugagad Fort

The nearest railway station is Khopoli, which is 30 km away from the base village. From Khopoli, one can get a share auto-rickshaw Rs 10 per person for Khopoli Phata, form there a vehicle to Parali village or Jhambhulpada Road. From Parali village again, a shared car to Mangaon village, which is the nearest transportable village to the Bheliv base village. Mangaon village is about a 30 min walk away from the Bheliv base village. From the Khopoli bus stop, there is a bus that will drop one at the Parali village and then the same route as above. 


About Mrugagad Fort Trek

There is a school at the beginning of Bhelvi village. The path begins from the back of the temple towards the right side of the temple. Initially, the trail starts with a plateau, which gives an excellent surrounding view of the mountains. This plateau provides an elegant look of lions point Lonavala, Moradi Pinnacle, and Mrugagad Fort. After 15 mins of the gradual hike, the trail goes through a dense forest wherein the trail is well marked and no chance for one to miss the right path. Trekkers have to keep following the white arrows marked throughout the Mrugagad trek. After half an hour into the trek, Forest trail comes to an end, and we come across rock patches that pave two routes wherein the right goes to small caves, and the left will take you to Mrugagad fort. 

Be careful while going inside the caves, animals may be present in the caves. There are three mountains near the village, and amongst them, the middle one is Mrugagad Fort. Then comes a tricky patch which is between the valley of the 3rd mountain and Mrugagad Fort. The gap between the mountains is not much; only one person can climb at a time. The climb is like a ‘Chimney Climb’ but easy comparative to Padargad climb. Small Chimney climb may be difficult for beginners, especially in monsoon. After the short Chimney climb, we come across a board that describes the Mrugagad Fort. There is a cave just below the top of the Mrugagad forForthich is towards the right side of the path. The way towards the top point of the Fort through rock-cut stairs. These rock-cut stairs are steep and are of variable height. After reaching on top, one can explore the Fort.


Places to visit on Mrugagad Fort

  1. Caves while the way to the top.
  2. A small Hanuman temple near the rock-cut stairs patch
  3. Goddess Mahishasurmardani temple on top of the Fort 
  4. Water tanks, Please carry your water and packed lunch for this trek.


Please nearby Mrugagad Fort

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