Watch Out the Most Distinguishing Flora and Fauna at MNP

Also known as the green heaven/ green lungs of Mumbai amid the city of Mumbai, located at Sion, is Maharashtra Nature Park (MNP). A large variety of flora and fauna is present in this Park specially designed for children. Visitors can find varieties of birds, animals, butterflies, spiders, mammals, etc. For all nature lovers, this Park has a separate nursery that sells natural manure and a variety of plants. MNP is laced with a trek around the park, a pond and also an auditorium for nature-related activities.

Flora Fauna Found

MNP houses nearly 12000 trees in the premises and varieties of plants that include Woody trees like Hiradaamala, Arjun, Fig, palas, Baniyan, Soccer ball and Kadamba, Red Silk Cotton Tree, The Ashoka, Devils’s tree, Ballon Pant, Bottle Brusk Oak and Ficus Benjamin, Lasora, Teak, Golden Apple, Flame of Forest shrubs, and herbs.

Mammals Found

Mammals and reptiles find here include names like Russel's snakes (crawling from the mangrove forest area into the park), bats (short note and fulvous fruits), insects, most species of lizards and gecko, rats, frogs, small birds, Sand boa, rat snakes, cobras. From among the amphibians, the pond in the park gets filled up with tree frogs, skittering frogs, toads, and many others.

Spiders Found

Spiders found in this man-made woodland include many varieties that can be found in their different habitats like burrows, trees, in the bushes, etc. Around 30 species of spiders belonging to 11families can be found here that includes lynx spider, wolf spider, garbage lining spider, and crab spider.

Birds Found

Surrounded by the Mithi river estuary, Maharashtra Nature Park has more than 125 species of bird that includes some names like common tailorbird, white-spotted fantail flycatcher, coppersmith, barbet, purple rumped sunbird, Asian koel, cattle egret, common myna kingfisher, Rose-ringed parakeet, Indian Paradise Flycatcher, Laughing Dove, Black kite, Greater Coucal, Shikara, Great Egret, Eurasian Wryneck, Little Green Bee Eater, Blue-throat and Barn swallow birds are some of those migratory birds traced during morning and evening times. 

Butterflies Found

In addition to this, butterflies found in the park include names like Rhopalocera, Blue Mormon, Common crow, Common Palm fly, Palin tiger, Blue tiger, striped tiger, common Jay, chocolate pansy, and common Jezebel.


How to Reach Maharashtra-Nature-Park?

Maharashtra Nature Park is located in Dharavi, Mumbai, near the Dharavi Bus Depot. The Sion Railway Station is at a distance of 2.5km from the Park. So, make use of Mumbai local trains from any railway junction to reach Sion. There onwards, travelers can commute via road to reach the Park. 

Maharashtra-Nature-Park Timings

Opened on weekdays, you can visit MNP between 8:30 am to 3:30 pm timings.

Maharashtra-Nature-Park Entry Fees

The entry fees to the MNP is Rs.20/- per head. The charges may change from time to time without prior notice. There are extra charges of Rs.100 per camera.


7 Hours Available on request
Things to Carry
Things to Carry
  • Water bottle 

  • Cap

  • Camera (Optional)

  • Medicine those if u require usually.