Keoladeo National Park is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India and it is a hotspot for bird watchers in India. It is also known as Keoladeo Ghana National Park or Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Bharatpur national park covers 29 km of land and it is surrounded by woodlands, dry grasslands, wetlands, woodland swamps. Ghana national park is considered a paradise for nature lovers as it houses 366 bird species, 13 species of snakes, 379 floral species, and a wide range of invertebrates. Ghana bird sanctuary is considered to be among the richest bird areas in the world and it houses thousands of migratory birds and visiting migratory birds every year.


Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary​ Travel itinerary

Day One: Transfer to the Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary

The tour will start as our representative will pick you up from the train station. Our tour representative will then take you to the hotel in Bharatpur, where you will relax in the morning. After you have freshened up at the hotel, our tour guide will then meet you at the hotel where we geared up for our first trip into the park. We will enjoy a quick glimpse of the sanctuary where we will spot varieties of birds before we head back to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.


Day Two: Excursion into Bharatpur Sanctuary

On the second day, you will take your breakfast early in the morning, and our tour executives will then come and meet you at the hotel. They will then guide you on an exciting day out in the park. On this day, you are going to enjoy fascinating birdwatching sessions with nature experts. You will also go on an exciting boat ride around the sanctuary where you will get close-up interactions with the animals in the park. After a fun-filled day, you will then be guided back to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.


Day Three: Transfer from the hotel to the train station

After breakfast on the third day, you will have enough time to relax and pack your belongings before you will lodge out of the hotel, and you will be conveyed to the train station.

2 Nights 3 Days Available on request
Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach Keoladeo National Park?

This park is among the top places to go for bird lovers in India and connected to major Indian cities like Agra, Delhi, and Jaipur in Northern India. You can quickly get to the park by air, road, or rail. If you are planning to find by air, it is best to go travel by air to Agra as it is close to the bird sanctuary. You will easily find daily flights to Agra from the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Varanasi, Jaipur, and Lucknow. You can quickly get to Bharatpur by rail as many rails ply from Mumbai and New Delhi. The city is also well connected by road, and you will find a regular bus service to the park from the major cities in the country.


Biodiversity Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary 


The park is called Ghana locally because of the thick woodland that covers the region. The park dotted by tropical dry deciduous trees, swamps, and medium-sized trees and bushes. You are going to find Jamun (Syzygiumcumini), Kadam (Mitragynaparvifolia), and Babul (Acacia nilotica) in the northeastern part of the park. In the open forest, you will find babul, ber, and Kandi while the Scrublands filled with Ber and Kair. You are also going to find Piloo (Salvadorapersica) in the park.


The highlight of the park is the numerous migratory birds that migrate to this forest from as far as Siberia and Central Asia to spend their winters in Bharatpur. Some of the migratory bird species that you will find in the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary are Pelicans, Eagles, Geese, Cranes, Ducks, Stints, Warblers, Hawks, Pipits, Flycatchers, Larks, Shanks, Wheatears, Buntings, and lots more. You are also going to find 13 species of snakes, 50 species of fish, seven amphibian species, seven turtle species, and diverse invertebrates in the park.