About KabbalaDurga

Bangalore has the absolute best easily reached trekking locations in the state. KabbalaDurga is one such hiking trail which amateur just as experienced trekkers can set out for hiking. Kabbala Durga is settled among the stunning rock-strewn slopes of the Kanakapura mountain ranges. KabbalaDurga trek pinnacle height up to 2090 feet above the sea level and is perhaps the best spot for sightseeing and trekking in Bangalore. The hill got its name from Goddess Kabbalamma and has a sanctuary devoted to her on the top. Kabbala Durga was fortified erstwhile; however, it is in ruins; one can spot just two half-destroyed structures, which looks a lot like a house than a fortress. 

The Karnataka Gazetteer says it was utilized as a prison for political detainees by Mysore rulers. The slope was operated by the colonial British to throw convicts as a sentence to impart dread among the neighbourhood populace, to toe their line of lawfulness. Prince Chamaraja VII, who was jailed by Dalavayi Devarajjaiah, died here in 1734. Essentially, Haidar also detained numerous prisoners here. Mura Rao Ghorpade of Gooty was a detainee here until he was murdered in 1779. During the rule of Tipu Sultan, Kabbaladurga was known as Jafferabad. However, sometime later, the place got back its old name and is well known as Kabbaladurga.
 From the initial glimpse, it would appear that KabbalaDurga Trek is more than an elevated barren hill. That's not the case, so make sure to be aware of the steep way up with wriggly steps, thistle filled shrubs just as barricades. The Kanakapura town additionally has the absolute best touristy spots and is famous for its silk and granite enterprises. Subsequently, the spot is perhaps the best sight for corporate and group excursions. Even though this can be a one-day journey close to Bangalore, it is nothing less of an impeccable trek if undertaken in the early hours of dawn. 


About the Kabbaladurg Trekking 

From the base village, you should follow the electric shafts. In transit, you will discover Kotilingeshwara sanctuary from where the trek starts. Kabbaladurga uphill journey is secure and safe as the routes were well marked with red arrows on the rocks. There were red arrows on the top of white paint that would help the night trekkers visiting this place. There are metal railings all along the way where the steps are steep and hazardously slanted at the edge of the slope.

For two or three hundred meters, the climb is simple. After that, there will be a point where the rocky territory begins for around one km, and it is likewise steep at around 45 degrees. The way will take you through seven fort barricades and entryways, some more noticeable than the others. With the intersection of each divider layer, the climb will get steeper. The foot carvings made along the way make the ascent somewhat easier. Then you will arrive at a Silk Cotton tree. This is an indication of the proximity to the summit. After that, there are 20 minutes of walking, which will set you on the hill's head. You will be welcomed on the peak with waist-high grass, where Nawabs and Rajas were hectically occupied with regional battles.

The ruins of the glorious fortress are the enduring critical observers to the loathsomeness stories from an earlier time. Taking a gander at the vertical drop from the pinnacle and tuning in to the fortress guards' narrative poisoning the primary water source to guarantee that no detainee got away or stayed alive, left no uncertainty regarding why Kabbaladurga was known as 'the fortification of no return'. The toxic water source is currently secured with reeds, duckweed, and waste deserted by people.

At the summit, one discovers a prison, garrison, ammunition storage, and an old granary, a temple devoted to Bheemeshwara, a magazine house, and a small pond. Be that as it may, don't miss out on the city lights' breathtaking view of the far-off flawlessness of Ramanagar. The area is a blowout to one's eyes, usual excellence of astounding greenery, water bodies' and rough slopes. 



1 Night 1 Day Available on request
Frequently Asked Questions

KabbalaDurga Trek Information

1. How difficult is the Kabbaladurga trek?

Trek gradient Easy to Moderate. Kabbaladurga is a continuously uphill trail with some rising and falling segments. It will take approximate two to three hours to complete the trek. Kabbaladurga trek distance is total five kilometres both ways. 

2. Food and water availability during the Kabbaladurga Trekking?

Please carry some ready to eat snacks and two litres of water. Water sources are not available during the trek. At least carry two litres of water before starting the trek.

3. Best months to visit Kabbaladurga trek Kanakapura?

It is highly recommended to trek during the winter months. The best months are October to January as, during heavy monsoons, the trail becomes murky and slippery, which makes the descent difficult, and it is too humid during summers. Kabbaladurga night trek is popular during the summer months. 

4. How to reach KabbalaDurga Trek from Bangalore?

It is located at 80 kms from Bangalore and 20 kms from Kanakapura. Kabbaladurga is one of the hills in the village of Kabbalu, which is 6 km from Sathanur. One can reach Sathanur either from Channpatna or Kanakapura. Drive on Kanakapura Road towards Sathanur about 70 km and turn right at the Sathanur Junction to get to Kabbala village. Bangalore – Bidadi – Ramnagar – Channpatna – Kabbladurga.

Alternate route from Bangalore to KabbalaDurg Trek 

One can also take the Mysore Highway 209, going past Ramanagar and at Channpatna turn left and travel 28 kms to reach the temple. Sathanur is 20 km from Kanakapura, and Kanakapura is 62 km from Bangalore. One can take the Kanakapura route which has no-tolls and in good condition, 

5. Bangalore to KabbalaDurg Trek by Bus? 

There are direct buses from Bangalore till Kanakapura, and you can find buses from Kanakapura to Sathanur. All buses going from Kanakapura to Kollegala or Malavalli would pass along Sathanur. From Sathanur to Kabbalu, there are direct buses as well, but less in frequency, you could also find autos from Sathanur to Kabbalu for the 6 km distance. 


Highlights of the Kabbaladurga Trekking 

As one drives out of Bangalore, the various hillocks that speck the scene and the forts that decorate them are magnificent. The past leaders had the prescience and vision to use sheer drops and troublesome territory to fabricate posts that were practically unconquerable. It is green, rough, and quiet and perfect for a day's escape and some reflection. 

The view from the top is stunning, with the shadow of the mists making designs outside the Earth. It is ideal for new adventurers and climbing enthusiasts. Although the fortress is in ruins now, the sanctuary is still visited by the townspeople around.

The thing about Kabbaldurga is that although the hill is massive, the landscape is genuinely steep and sets aside lesser effort to finish every one. While the slope and the post summoned a picture of dread, winged animals and butterflies set up shows like they intended to take our psyche off the horrifying history. One will get the chance to observe differing assortments of butterflies on this journey.

Strolling up the stone face while arranging the lofty trip and holding your equalization, at whatever point you glance around, you will be blessed to receive lovely perspectives on fields, coconut forests, and minuscule hillocks extending over miles. On the off chance, if fortunate, one can spot the imperilled Egyptian Vultures rummaging for their next feast.

If you are searching for an incredible experience trekking close to Bangalore, at that point, this could be one of the best encounters of your life. This staggering spot is close to Bangalore and is not a long way from the city and makes for ideal breaks from the city. 

The difficult trek nearer to the pinnacle will be remunerating when the scene changes. It clears a path for the trees and grass and a charming perspective on the blissful natural surroundings.