All You Need To Know Before Choosing Iceland Tour


Titled as an island of fire and ice coma, Iceland is gaining popularity, becoming one of the most preferred travel destinations of the world among nature lovers as well as adventure sports lovers.

Located on the edge of the Arctic Circle, the country is sparsely populated. The country has one of the world's most volcanically active areas.

The land with the unspoiled landscapes, active volcanoes, glaciers, ice-fields, fjords, rugged terrain, and lush greenery has a lot for exploration and indulgence in lifetime memory-making adventurous activities.


Why Should You Visit This Place?

According to the Global Peace Index, Iceland tagged as one of the most peaceful countries on the planet Earth. Nonexistence of any kind of armed forces including army, navy, or air force, Iceland offers its visitors and residents peace of mind penetrating to the soul. Even the crime rate is considerably low. So tourists need not fear looting or burglary.


Is Visa Needed to Tour Iceland from India?

Visa not required for stays that would total to less than 90 days.


The Best Season to Visit

December to February are chilling cold months, temperature dropping to as low as -30 degrees. May - September is the best time to visit Iceland if whale watching entice you. Watch sights of orcas with Northern Lights in late September. February to March and September to October are the best months to see Northern Lights. June –August as dry weather season makes up for the prime hiking timings. Indulge in snow sports during the autumn season.


Things to Do


  • Explore the history of Thingvellir, which is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Icelandic National Parliament (Althingi) was founded here in 930. 

  • Nature lovers can enjoy bird and whale watching at the Snæfellsjökull National Park. Explore amazing lava tubes and lava fields catering to diverse flora and fauna species, here. 

  • Have an enjoyable camping experience by the Dynjandi Waterfall side. 

  • Try hiking at Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.

  • The Tectonic Plates located on the Þingvellir Plain are worth watching as their movements have resulted in cracks and rifts here, giving rise to rivers, lakes, and ragged gulleys.

  • Watch out the miracle of nature at Rauðasandur Beach. The mesmerizing view of pink and red sand will hold you back on to the Látrabjarg Peninsula. 

  • Never miss viewing polar lights or northern lights aurora borealis in Iceland. Beautiful natural light appearance in the Earth's atmosphere. 


Top Attraction


  • Enjoy whale watching in Reykjavik – Whale watching can be done throughout the year, although summer is the best time for the same. 

  • Blue Lagoon in Grindavík – This is the most top tourist attraction in Iceland. It is geothermal spas whose water source is underground hot springs. The temperature of boiling water reached 37-39 degrees Celsius and believed to be extremely beneficial for both health and skin.

  • Strokkur Geysir located in the southwest of Iceland, besides the Hvítá River. Have a magnificent view of Strokkur geyser firing up water to the elevation of 30 meters into the sky every several minutes.

  • Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve – This place features multicoloured rhyolite mountains, Hekla volcano, and widely spread lava fields. Enjoy hiking and horse riding in the rugged sceneries here.



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