The Heavenly Waterfall Trek to Hogenakkal


The Hogenakkal Waterfalls also known as the Niagara Falls of India are a series of 14 waterfalls. The waterfalls lie in the peaceful town of Hogenakkal in Tamil Nadu. It is about 150 Km from Bengaluru. The waterfalls are formed when the roaring Cauvery river gets funneled between the Carbonatite rocks. These rocks are amongst the oldest rocks in the world. The trek to the waterfalls is a unique experience. It is a reasonably simple one day trek. The word Hogenakkal means smoking rocks. The Carbonatite rocks are dark grey or sometimes black in color. The water gushing over these rocks spreads into smoke-like droplets and hence this name. 


Why Should You Sign up for This Trek?


This trek is one of its kind adventures. It involves trekking on foot for about 2 Km and then hopping on a coracle. A coracle is a rounded boat, a traditional wicker basket type boat. You will be amazed at the first sight of the coracles. One coracle can take almost five people. Once the ride starts, it gets a little bit scary as the top of the coracle is virtually at the water surface. The boatmen here are experienced and very skilled. After passing through narrow passages and glancing over the rocks, you finally reach the drop point. 


You need to walk about 300 m before you reach the waterfall viewpoint. The view is exhilarating. The pristine white water falling from heights of almost 50-60 ft and hitting the rocks beneath with a thundering sound gives you goosebumps. The place is so incredible that time flies here and you would be left asking for more. The water at the banks is very calm and people can be seen swimming and taking a dip in the holy water. The picturesque waterfalls, the thrilling coracle ride, and a captivating trek allure every nature lover to join the Hogenakkal Waterfall Trek.


Best Season to Visit:


The best time to explore Hogenakkal Waterfall Trek is just after monsoons when the river is in its full glory. You may plan the trek anytime from early October to the end of December. The peak temperature in summer reaches around 36° C and winters are comfortable with day temperatures not exceeding 27° C.


Places to Visit near Hogenakkal:


  • Mettur Dam


It is one of the largest dams in India which is situated not very far from Hogenakkal. The dam is an engineering marvel and proffers splendid views. 


  • Melagiri Hills


These hills are at the point where the Eastern Ghats meet the Western Ghats. The magnificent hills pack a great variety of Flora and Fauna.


  • Parameshwari Temple


The revered temple is about 20 Km from Hogennakal. The temple is under the blessings of Goddess Parameshwari who is believed to be the protector of all pregnant women.


  • Pennagram Village


This famous town of Aiyanars, the grand terracotta statues, is just 25 Km from Hogennakkal. A highly recommended spot!


The Hogenakkal Waterfall Trek is truly a natural wonder. The trek pushes your body out of its comfort zone and the gratification that you get in the end is priceless. 



1 Day Available on request