Flyboarding is a water sports that involves the flyboarder talking to the winds through the waves. A flyboard is attached through an elastic rope with an anchor which is a water ride, mostly a jet ski, and the fly boarder can enjoy the waves in the air flying along with them. The sport is highly adventurous and people love it for its thrill and refreshing appeal.



Flyboarding is a water sports in Goa that is loved by many people and people especially visit Goa for enjoying this amazing water sport in Goa. 

You can enjoy the activity at many different beaches in Goa at a very nominal and affordable cost. 

Generally, light weight is preferred for fly boarding, however, the maximum weight limit for a wing fly board goes up to 130 kg. These limits can be different for different types of fly boards. The weight also depends on the water ride supporting the flyboard.



Fly boarding is a very safe water sport in Goa which is enjoyed by many people. People who love the thrill and adventure of being in water and at heights will especially love fly boarding as they get a chance to manuever a fly board in the waves at a height. 

Generally, leight weight clothing is preferred for this adventure as the extra gear involved in going for this adventure is quite heavy. You’re completely strapped on to the fly board so that you may not fall down, and even after all the safety precautions, there is additional safety through a life jacket. Besides that, you also wear a helmet to protect your head as you would experience downward movements on the fly board which will expose your head to the water.

With all these safety precautions, flyboarding is available at many beaches in Goa and you can go to any beach out there to enjoy this wonderful and thrilling experience.

  • Location of Activity: Chapora River, Goa
  • Activity Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Activity duration: 1 hour
  • The daily group size is 15 people.
  • Age: above 15 years.


How to Reach

Flyboarding in Goa is an extremely adventurous sport which although available at almost every other beach in Goa, is best to be experienced with a touring organizer who has experience in arranging for such activities. You can get in touch with any flyboarding organizer in Goa and book the adventure for yourself. Reaching the destination for the adventure is on the organizers. You can let them know your preferred location for pick up and they will arrange for the same making the entire adventure a fruitful and exciting experience for you.


Details about Flyboarding:

  • Carefully follow what the instructor tells you to do.
  • To avoid the high tides, winds must be less than 12 mph, the air must be stable, and it can't rain or snow. These are the most important things about the weather.
  • If you have a serious illness, you can't do this activity.
  • People who have asthma, high blood pressure, sinus problems, or heart issues during any point in their lives can't do the activity.
  • Photographs can be taken by people who are with or lead the group.
  • For each extra adult who comes along with a traveler who has booked an activity, the fee is INR 500. They can use the boat and kayaks for free.
  • You can't bring your pet to the event.
  • Don't break any of the equipment you're given when you go flyboarding in Goa.
  • Women who are pregnant are not allowed to do Flyboarding in Goa.
  • Please bring a T-shirt, shorts, and socks, but don't bring any sarees.
  • Instructions, getting ready, and flyboarding all take about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Flyboarding in Goa is not for kids younger than 15 years old.



1 Hour Available on request
Things to Carry
Things to Carry
  • Swimwear

  • Sun Caps

  • Day pack upto 30 liters

  • Water bottle and snacks

  • Extra pair of socks

  • Floater or slippers

  • Walking shoes

  • Mobile cover