Duke's Nose located at about 7 kilometers distance from Lonavla well-known hill station near Pune, Duke's nose is the highest elevation that seen while commuting between Mumbai and Pune. It is in the shape of a nose or a thumb, which is the reason behind its name. Once you are on the pinnacle, you can have a mesmerizing view of the unique scenery of the surrounding landscape, and Mumbai Pune Expresses highway situated in the ghats. Trains are seen rushing over the tracks. Duke's nose is a famous destination for Rock climbing, flying fox and rappelling adventure activities.

Visitors to Khandala believe that the place is excellent to enjoy the sunset view, trekking, and rappelling besides adventurous sports like flying fox. Enjoy the birds-eye view of Lonavala Khandala highway from the top of the cliffs. 


Dwelling Deep into Duke's Nose History

Nagphani or the Cobra's Hood, the former name of Duke's nose Duke of Wellington, his nose resembled the shape of the Cliff is a mountain range at Khandala near Lonavla in Mumbai. The pointed head portion hood, Phani of Cliff resembles the form of a snake Hindi Nag, and hence it was named Nagphani. Later the Duke's nose became famous which has derived due to Cliff's shape resembling Duke's nose. 

The spot makes up a fantastic trekking trial and a picturesque scenery location for weekend vacationers. Mesmerizing sight of the surroundings with the bubbling valley, the base of Sahyadri Ranges and dense forests covering the Sahyadris makes a perfect picnic spot for people willing to stay close to nature for a day or two. 


Duke's Nose Is a Landmark For People Visiting Lonavala

The topographical features of Duke's Nose have been welcoming for thrill loving spirits. The long trekking trail here will get you through dense green forest reaching the steep rock where you can enjoy rappelling and flying fox. 


Enjoy Duke's Nose Rappelling and Flying Fox

Adventurers to the site can enjoy Duke's Nose rappelling, valley crossing, and flying fox activities at Duke's nose. It takes one hour or a little more to reach the summit. Thrill-seekers can valley cross 200 feet from the Duke's Nose till the Duchess's nose.

Feel the chilling air caressing you while enjoying flying fox. The Deep valley underneath and the foggy atmosphere will give you the feel of Riding in the clouds.

For rappelling from Duke's nose, you will have to ascend 350 feet height at 90 degrees which will offer you a thrilling experience while hanging over the deep valley beneath you.

Have the most adventurous activity sport at this site and make your weekend getaway from Pune memorable. Visit the trail during monsoon to enjoy the lush greenery at the place. Waterfalls would be gushing down the ranges of Sahyadri. 

Even if you are not an adventure sport lover, you have all the reasons to visit the spot for its scenic beauty, rock climbing, rappelling, traversing 1000 feet traversing and of course zip-lining. 


Best Time to Duke's Nose

Duke's Nose best visited during the winter season from October to March. Winter weather is pleasant for trekking and adventure activity in Maharashtra. During monsoon trek and connectivity to Lonavala can be challenging. 


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