About Dandeli River Rafting

If you seek adventure, then River Rafting in Dandeli should be on top of your bucket list. Now, you must be thinking to yourself, why River Rafting? River Rafting in India is a wet and wild, adrenaline-pumping adventurous water sport that will get your heart racing and is an unmatched experience. Imagine this, you are with your best pals, strapped up with life jackets and helmets, sitting in an inflatable river raft, all pepped up to take on the ferocious splish-splashes that the river spews on you. There's just a slight difference. In reality, the thrill and energy are only going to be ten-fold more electrifying. Over the years, the scope of River Rafting has expanded in India, only to get trendier. Most of the states of India have thriving rivers, which makes them accessible for water sports. Amazing rivers is what makes India a booming destination for the novice as well as experienced river rafters. If you want to try your hand out at River Rafting in India to experience a taste of its thrill, then you should head out to Karnataka Dandeli River Rafting.

Snuggled in the western fragment of Karnataka, Dandeli bestows a picturesque retreat for nature enthusiasts and adventure fanatics. The varied natural topographies of Dandeli comprise mountains, rivers, lush sceneries and caves. Throughout the year, Dandeli is nevertheless renowned for one thing, which is Dandeli White Water Rafting. Established on the banks of South India's fastest flowing river, when you are in Dandeli, River Rafting in Dandeli Forest is something you shouldn't miss out on; it should be on your bucket list. Take a break from your monotonous bustling life, plunge into the wild stretches of river Kali, experience a rush like never before and get high on adrenaline with this mind-numbing experience of best in class River Rafting in India. Treks and Trails invite you to raft over the rapid splashes of River Kali with the serene views of lush evergreen forest. Believe us, and you are going to be talking about your Dandeli River Rafting experience with Treks and Trails for years to come.


Dandeli river rafting starting point: Dandeli, Karnataka.

Distance Covered: 12 kilometres

Rapid Grade: I to III 

Dandeli river rafting cost - Rs 600 per head*


6 Hours Available on request
Frequently Asked Questions

Dandeli river rafting season, The Kali River in Dandeli has the perfect rapid settings as Supa Dam controls it. Therefore river rafting is done nearly throughout the year here. Dandeli Kali River water most suitable for Rafting from June to August. It is the best time to visit Dandeli for river rafting. Monsoon is an incredible period for River Rafting in Dandeli when the skies are blue, the climate is pleasant and cheerful, and there is lush greenery all around the tropical forest. However, travellers who do not visit Dandeli can still indulge in River Raft, depending on water flow during this period.

Price of River Rafting in Dandeli: The cost of your river rafting package in Dandeli widely depends on the season you are visiting and the rafting course you have selected. However, on average, the primary cost starts at Rs.600, extending up to Rs.1300. Dandeli river rafting booking, please register in advance due to the huge rush and limited capacity. 



How to reach River rafting Dandeli Karnataka?

River rafting Dandeli By Air can fly down to Hubballi (Hubli) Airport, 65 kilometres from Dandeli. Hubballi airport is linked to prominent Bangalore and Chennai through daily flights and to other metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, etc., by regular flights. From Hubballi, you can take a bus or cab to reach Dandeli. 

River rafting Dandeli By Rail: Dandeli does not have a railway station of its own. However, the best way to reach Dandeli is for train travellers from the Alnavar junction and Londa station, which are at a distance of 35 kilometres from Dandeli. You can hire cabs or buses to Dandeli from these stations.

River rafting Dandeli By Road: Dandeli is 460 kilometres from Bengaluru. Therefore, one can take a flight or train to Bangalore and travel to Dandeli by road. There are also several state modes of transport buses available to Dandeli from every city in North Karnataka.



Rafting on Kali River in Dandeli Karnataka:

Kali River is the most sought after destination for Dandeli River Rafting in the Southern part of India. Usually, all the partakers are transported to the starting points via jungle jeeps, and there they will be instructed through the entire process of River Rafting. This challenging White water river rafting in Dandeli starts from Ganeshgudi and concludes at Maulangi.

The River rafting Dandeli path extends to a distance of about 12 kilometres in Kali River. The rapids and bends of the Kali River have been categorised into Grade II and III, which are perfect for experts and novices in this exhilarating water sport. The expanse of the river roofed with dense forests, Grade II rapids are simpler to negotiate, and Grade III need a bit more effort, making the Kali river rafting Dandeli experience exciting, adventurous and unforgettable. 

River Rafting in Dandeli offers first-time rafters and non-swimmers to take pleasure in this sport, attributing to the calm and reasonable grade rapids on the rafting course of Kali river. During your Dandeli river rafting experience, you'll raft down a picture-perfect river encircled by a dense tropical forest. 

The rafters will battle with easy and massive rapids from Grade I to Grade III along this stretch. No sooner than you commence your river rafting session in the Kali River of Dandeli, you will be greeted by numerous rapids to cross. These rapids are arduous with unpredictable hydraulics. You will be steering your raft through some of the famous Virnoli rapids.

Dandeli forest river rafting expedition will generally last around an hour and a half and utilise all your force and abilities to coordinate your raft effectively. You will require master guiding and adjusting skills to go through the course. After you've encountered the adventures of Dandeli Kali river rafting on the many capricious stretches of the Kali River in Dandeli, you can explore the vicinity of Dandeli Karnataka. Dandeli tourist places are popular among large groups and young millennials. There are many Dandeli places to explore. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Kavala Caves, Syntheri Rock, Shiroli Peak and the Anshi National Park are some of the significant attractions of Dandeli. Camping at Dandeli and White river rafting in Dandeli tour is very popular in India. 



Frequently asked questions 

What is the River rafting in Dandeli price?

Treks and Trails offer group discount and early booking discount, Dandeli river rafting price changes from season to season or the river raft size or the group size. It is cheaper during the monsoon season and more expensive in winter. It also changes depending on the river raft size and your group size. Please chat with us for a quote. 


Best River rafting in Dandeli season?

Monsoon is the best time for white river rafting Dandeli. You can also enjoy river rafting at Dandeli after the monsoon season. A dam controls the Kali river flow and Dandeli river rafting timings.


Can you tell me more about Kali River? 

The Kali River is the lifeline to some 400,000 people in the Uttara Kannada district. The river supports tens of thousands, including fishers on the Karwar coast and has many dams built for power generation. One dam important among them being Supa Dam at Ganeshgudi, which generates electricity before joining the Arabian Sea.


The Sadashivgad fort is a picturesque site that now attracts tourists from all over the country. It sits by the Kali River, and it's not hard to see why so many people stop in for an afternoon of sightseeing! The Sadashivgad Fort is located by the coastal highway Kali River Bridge, built above the confluence of the river and the Arabian Sea. The National Highway NH-17 continues on Kali Bridge over Kali River to connect Karnataka with Goa.


Top 20 Dandeli resorts?

Dandeli resorts is a perfect place for you and your family and friends to have an adventure in the wilderness. Resorts in Dandeli offer different activities from river rafting, fishing, trekking, and yoga, and there is something for everyone. The resort also has various accommodations depending on your needs, including hotel rooms, tents, and dormitories, making it easy if you're travelling with friends or family! Explore what Dandeli tourism has to offer this summer!

List of Top 20 Dandeli Resorts

  1. Bison River Resort
  2. Acacia Forest - Escape into the Woods
  3. Kali River Dandeli Resort
  4. Dew Drops Jungle Resort
  5. Whistling Woodzs Resort
  6. Old Magazine House Resort
  7. Panther Jungle Resort
  8. Shikra Jungle Resort
  9. Dandeli Kali Tiger Resort
  10. Century Resort
  11. Magenta Resort
  12. GreenWoods Jungle Resort
  13. Dandeli King Fisher Jungle Resort
  14. Star Riverview Resort
  15. White Water Resort
  16. Hornbill River Resort
  17. Dandeli Kali Adventure's Resort
  18. Sarovar Resort
  19. Starling River Resort
  20. Palette Resorts
  21. White Rapid River Resort
  22. Nature Nest Resort